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Summer is finally here! The kids are out of school and the sun is beating down on us, but writers still have to find the time to write! While it may seem like there is so much going on, summertime is the perfect time to make new and exciting memories, get outside and relax, and reflect on all the things that happened the first half of the year. With each of these in mind, writing can be incorporated into each activity, making for fresh pieces that pay homage to your summer.

Make Memories

What better way to kick off your summer than to knock off some things on your bucket list? Whether it be a small thing like getting ice cream for dinner or a big endeavor like going skydiving, now is the time! Going on new adventures can mix up your daily routine, teach you something new, and even allow you to pretend to live in someone else’s shoes, doing something you would never have thought of before.

Getting out of your comfort zone by traveling to a new city, participating in a sport, or even something as simple as trying a new summer dish can all be integrated into your writing in unique ways. You could write about the specific experience, expanding upon how it went and how it impacted you, or create a fictional piece inspired by it, weaving in all the thrilling details!

Enjoy the Outdoors

No matter where you live, the beauty of the outdoors is never far away. Beaches, forests, parks, or simply your backyard are perfect spots to get back in touch with nature. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be overwhelming, so taking time to admire our natural world is perfect for getting some well-deserved downtime.

Admiring nature allows you to unwind and notice the little things, from the color of the flowers to the peaceful sound of the wildlife. Writing about these specific elements with vibrant detail, intense feeling, and rich imagery can strengthen your ability to accurately illustrate what you are sensing, honing this necessary writing skill.

Being outdoors is also a great time to read, an essential activity for all writers to gain insight into understanding the craft, diversifying your genres, and gaining inspiration. Reading books about writing can allow you to practice, and with the gorgeous backdrop of the environment, you will be able to truly focus and reset.


Who said reflections and resolutions are only for January? With half of the year gone, looking back on all that has happened stimulates personal growth and allows you to recognize what is most important in your life. Journaling allows you to document what has happened and take a step back to see what can be changed and how each moment made you feel. When journaling, you practice how to accurately express your emotions on paper, which is another fundamental skill of being a writer.

No matter how you spend your summer, writing can be implemented in anything you do. Going on a road trip, sunbathing at a beautiful beach, or looking back on how far you’ve come will ensure all writers have a summer to remember. Get your pool floaties on and pencil in hand—let the writing and summer fun begin!

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