Distributing Books the Traditional Way

Nearly all self-publishing companies today only offer POD (print-on-demand) to their authors. For those of who are unaware with the term “print-on-demand,” it is essentially exactly what it sounds like. Books are printed and distributed as they are ordered (demanded). Mill City Press offers POD as one method of distributing books, but we also offer traditional distribution with our Expanded Distribution service. The purpose of this blog is to dispel some of the negative stigma around distributing books using the traditional method.

First off, with Mill City Press, you don’t need to print hundreds of books to be a part of Expanded Distribution. While you do need to have a minimum of 75 copies of your book in storage, that’s not even close to the the hundreds required by other self-publishing companies. All of these printed books are stored in our distribution center and are sent out as they are requested. If you’re still not sure why you would want to have books on hand rather than printing them as requests come in, read on.

Mill City Press’ Expanded Distribution program gives books the chance to get in front of book buyers, something that you just really won’t get distributing books using POD. These book buyers include retailers and wholesalers at Barnes & Noble, Ingram and Baker & Taylor. This is possible because we have use an industry-known distributor that will actually send out copies of your book along with its marketing materials to these bookbuyers. Many of our competitors will print your books, but the service stops there. They will not take the time to approach these businesses, leaving you to fend for yourself. We also sign up all of our authors who use Expanded Distribution with our Returns Program. This further increases your book’s chance of ending up on the bookshelves. That’s a whole topic in itself, and you can visit our Returns Program Page to learn more.

The last point we want to make is that yes, printing several books at one time can be expensive and not worth your time...if you are printing at the prices our competitors are charging, that is. Mill City Press is proud to say that we offer our authors the lowest printing prices on the market. In fact, all of our authors receive printing services at the wholesale cost. Many of our competitors jack up their prices by 100%-200%, because this is where they can make the most money. Sure, you’ll get 100% royalties, but you’ll be paying a ton of money when it comes time to print! Because of our low prices and our ability to get books in front of that book buyers, distributing books using our Expanded Distribution Program is successful, contrary to what the competition may say.

To learn more about our Expanded Distribution Program and the differences between distributing books using POD and expanded distribution, check out our Types of Book Distribution Page.

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