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Today we're wishing a very happy book birthday to two of our authors. Here are their books.

The Last Renegade by Jan Houghton LindseyIn 1956, the Yakima Indian Reservation in Central Washington is thrown into turmoil when the son of the most powerful White-man on the Reservation is found dead in his family's swimming pool. Derek Abrams, a popular Indian schoolteacher and former All-American football star, is accused of his murder, but fearing he won't get a fair trial, he flees on horseback into the foothills of Mt. Adams. A posse goes after him, but one man on the posse does not plan for Derek to be brought back alive.

Jan Houghton Lindsey is not a Native American, but her grandfather, Walter Houghton, settled on the Yakima Indian Reservation in the early 1900s, and four generations of Houghton offspring were born and raised there, including Jan. After college, she taught school on the Reservation, married Hal Lindsey, worked with Campus Crusade for Christ, and wrote numerous books, including the WWII thriller All the Dogs of Europe Barked.

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And the second book is...

Between Stone and Light by David J. HochAs Sarina got out of bed, the notebook on her nightstand was open to a page with an unusual symbol drawn on it—a symbol Sarina hadn't drawn. How did it get there—and what does it mean?

Thus begins a non-stop, heart-pounding race to unlock the 13th sign of the Zodiac. This small town girl from Minnesota leads an international group of 13 telepathically-connected thirteen year-olds—who were all born on the same day at exactly the same time. They are the Glimmers.

Between Stone and Light, David Hoch's debut novel, skillfully weaves the ordinary lives of these teens into a complex web of mystical stone Zodiac wheels, fantastical lights, incredible music and vibrations—all which grow more intense each time a Glimmer is added to the circle of friends. What will happen to the wheels, and what of the Evil Ones? What will one find in the basement of Desdemona's bookstore?

The very fate of mankind rests on the Glimmers' success. They must hurry—time is running out!

Number nine of eleven children and a star athlete, David Hoch dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. A nearly-fatal car accident sent him on a different course—one in which he became more aware of the preciousness of life, and heightened his awareness to the fact there is a Grand Design to the Universe. Mr. Hoch was diagnosed with CRPS, a chronic and debilitating pain condition with no known cure.

Between Stone & Light is this awareness put into words, this Grand Design illustrated. Mr. Hoch hopes the reading of this book will spark the imaginations of many thousands of readers.

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Congrats, authors!

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