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Hey guys, want to know what’s new from MCP this week? Here are all the books available today. Congrats and happy book birthday to our awesome authors!

As she struggles for happiness after the traumatic incidents of her past, international superstar and heiress to the Italian Mob, Yelena Vega, must also endure a violent marriage to her ex-military husband. Still in love with her former bodyguard, Daniel, she struggles to keep a secret that only she knows.

As Yelena’s life turns unbearable, she begins an affair with a man that could prove to be more trouble than even Yelena knows. Grasping for love, she is catapulted into a world of spies, blackmail and deceit. Still, Daniel is never far from her mind, and she finds herself again in need of his protection. After an attack on her family, Yelena is once more a target. Will she ever find peace and safety, or will the shadows of her past consume her?

An expertly crafted blend of romance, suspense and crime, Fortune’s Hours is the second book in the riveting Fortune’s series by Emily K. Reuter.

For five years, Mexico staged a car race that held the sporting world mesmerized for a week of thrills, spills, and chills. Competitors came from all around the world to participate in this brutal race of about 2,035 miles over rugged terrain. Goliaths of the car industry soon discovered the race provided a platform to test new products and rise within the U.S. market.

It wasn’t long before an intense competition between big players like Chrysler Corporation and Daimler-Benz emerged, and Carl Kiekhaefer found himself at the heart of not only a dangerous physical race but a fierce battle to be at the top of U.S. motor manufacturing. Carl was a hard-driving, competition-loving Wisconsin industrialist and manufacturer. He surely would not bow down to political pressure, rigged races, sabotage, or threats.

And so the stage was set for the Pan American Road Race—a spectacular spectacle, never to be forgotten.

Merry Dawn Venture, two years past "the big four-o" and still single, realizes her life is "as aimless as the random patterns of confetti" she always throws in the air on her birthday.  When the occasional "whine-and-dine" dinner with the girls turns to talk of men, Merry wonders, "Will there ever be someone in my life?"

Merry sees her work world as the "alter ego of her otherwise uneventful existence"--at least until Randy Grant appears. Charming, handsome. sometimes aloof, and often a complete mystery to Merry, is he destined to be just another wealthy client of the decorator studio she manages, or could there be more . . ?

Barbara Shorr's luscious novel, Mansion Dreams, is jam-packed with rich detail and evocative images of Merry's life in a small New England town.  Her descriptive narrative of Merry's introduction to the glorious island of Palm Beach, along with genuine and believable characters, will draw you in and hold you until the satisfying and entirely delightful conclusion.

Too busy, too impatient, too preoccupied to read a book about mindfulness and meditation? Then this is the book for you.

Zen on the Run offers readers a clear, concise introduction to the basic concept and practice of mindfulness, a life-altering model for living life to the fullest. In simple, easy-to-follow language and with helpful examples, this book will show you how mindfulness can help you re-embrace life and experience a fuller, more compassionate, more joyful existence—all in a New York minute!

Finally a no-nonsense, get-to-the-point, practical approach to mindfulness and meditation!

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