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What's new at Mill City Press this week? We've got three books making their grand entrances into the world today.

First up is...

In his long-awaited debut, poet David Ryrie Brink shares a remarkable and carefully culled collection of his work. Inspired by what he’s experienced and seen throughout his 96+ years of life on this earth, he gives it to us through the lens of his unique filter and perspective.

So soon our tiny craft is launched
Upon the river’s teeming flood,
To toss and twist as wills the stream,
While those who launched us drift away
Or disappear in eddied swells,
And leave us without motive force
To sail upstream, reversing course,
Yet strength to dock at ports of call.

And so we stop at many ports –
Some ports of learning, ports of work,
And ports of friendship, ports of love,
And ports of help, of parenthood.
But many ports along the way
We pass, aware we can’t return.

So long the trip, so slow the stream,
So many ports unvisited.
And, in the end, so much alone,
Until, at last, we reach the sea –
Beyond the delta’s farthest sands
And float the limitless unknown
–The Voyage
David Ryrie Brink is 96 years old. Prior to retirement he was an outstanding lawyer in private practice. He took up poetry at age 88 and since then has studied poetry intensively, written and taught poetry and formed poetry clubs. He now brings us some of his poems. They are wide-ranging in subject matter and in style and form. He takes us from the origins of life to the unexpected joys of old age and beyond. Beyond the Delta is delightful reading.

Grab your copy of Beyond the Delta on Amazon

Second is...

In Faith According to Jesus Christ: How to Grow in the True Knowledge of Our Lord and Savior, author Dallied Kien shares his story of success defeating a terminal disease using the power of the Word of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. And, more importantly, he teaches you what you need to do to share the joys of the world to come.

Kien addresses the following topics, and many more:
• What is “meekness”—and why do the meek inherit the earth?
• Why must we ask for help in the name of Jesus?
• Why is it important to speak in tongues?
• How can we cure ourselves from focusing on the worries and cares of everyday life?

This is a practical book filled with the knowledge and steps you can follow to attain your perfect life, on earth and in heaven. By focusing on Bible passages chosen to point toward a different need or want in your life you will find that through prayer and meditation, you can change your life.

During the political crisis in Ivory Coast, Dallied Charlemagne Kien became a refugee in Lome (Togo), where he truly met the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, through his daily meditation on God’s Word. When a terminal disease attacked him, he pulled through the challenge without drugs but, instead, with the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit—and he wants you to learn how to do the same. Kien is also the author of both the French and English versions of: The Ethics-Based Approach; or Keys of Human Fulfillment.

Purchase your copy of Faith According to Jesus directly from Dallied or grab a copy on Amazon.

Last, but certainly not least is...

Growing up, Jim and his pals Kyle and Seth didn’t simply follow the Orlando Buccaneers—they lived, breathed and ate red and white, flying the colors on their bedroom walls and flipping Topps football cards for quarters.

Trying out for the freshman football team, Jim was the only one of the group who really demonstrated any potential. However, Jim had bigger plans for his life: college, law school, and his father’s law firm—was the plan, until a reunion with his hard-partying pals reminded him of how much he missed the good old days.

Now Jim is starting over, joining Kyle and Seth as “equipment guys” for the Orlando Buccaneers—positions with just enough clout to bring plenty of trouble to the table. Sex, scoring, and major league mischief are all in the playbook when these three friends are playing the field, but are there really any winners in this type of game?

Phillip Buchanon was born September 19, 1980 in Fort Myers, Florida. Drafted by the Oakland Raiders 17th overall in the 2002 NFL draft. He played College Football at the University of Miami. 

Connect with Phillip on his website, purchase The Equipment Guys directly from him, or grab a copy on Amazon.

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