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What's new at MCP this week? Here are six books making their grand entrance into the world today.

We've got two books from Phillip Buchanon this week.

The Aquatic BourneMarine Biologist Maggie Sunderland had always thought her father's belief in the aquatic creatures he called Bourne, a group of marine humanoids, was mere fantasy. But after a disastrous naval sonar test injures and strands two of the mysterious creatures, Maggie is quick to rescue them. But her father isn't the only person seeking the aquatic Bourne. The Navy is closing in on them, wanting to uncover the truth of their technology. But the Bourne have other plans. Centuries of ocean pollution and overfishing have led one of their powerful factions to believe humans should be taken out entirely, and they will stop at nothing to ensure their own survival and the future of the oceans.

Get your copy from Phillip Buchanon or grab it on Amazon.


SkyrizerPushed to the brink by a dumb, desperate mistake, seventeen-year-old Mason McCoy is ready to end it all. In his short life, he's never known anything but harsh circumstances, and he's grown tired of living hard in the shadow of his messed-up parents. Now that he's coming up quickly on adulthood, he's not liking the look of the man he's about to become, and he has no intention of turning out like his dead felon father. But just when he's at his most desperate hour, Mason is struck by a powerful force--a mass of shooting stars raining down on the city. His shocking survival is the first clue that something out of the ordinary has happened, and when an all-out manhunt begins for not one, but two super-powered humans in the wake of the shooting stars, Mason knows there's something else out there who can do the same, incredible things he is now capable of. It doesn't take long to learn that his counterpart, however, is on a power trip of a different kind.

Get your copy from Phillip Buchanon or grab it on Amazon.

Phillip Buchanon was born September 19, 1980 in Fort Myers, Florida. Drafted by the Oakland Raiders 17th overall in the 2002 NFL draft. He played college football at the University of Miami.

Our third book is...

Peace: A Holy Grail by Sidney Rosen

Professor Phil Levine has just begun a year-long sabbatical from teaching to be a special assistant in foreign relations to a Washington senator when tensions heat up with Iran. Does Iran have nuclear capabilities? Was a coup attempted on the Iranian government? What will Israel's response be?

At the same time, Phil's wife takes a job teaching high-risk Washington, DC, students. Gang violence is a constant threat, yet Phil meets some extraordinary men who are making a difference in curbing the hostility. They have discovered a code of concrete principles to lessen violence. If gang members can learn to get along and reduce brutality, could these same principles be applied on a broader scale to achieve worldwide peace?

Author Sidney Rosen, through a backdrop of politics, raises questions about the quest for peace personally, locally, and nationally in this work of fiction as fresh as today's news.

Sidney Rosen was born in Mount Kisco, New York, in 1937. His family moved to Detroit, Michigan, in 1943, where he grew up. He is a product of its inner city, Wayne State University (BA and MSW), and subsequently, the University of Hawaii (PhD). He was a gang worker, executive director of Sophie Wright Settlement House, and associate director of the merged Franklin-Wright Settlements on the lower east side of Detroit before assuming a faculty position at the University of Hawaii School of Social Work in 1968. His expertise was in group theory, group psychotherapy, and community organization. He co-authored two professional books.

He was also a founder of the faculty union, the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly; special assistant in foreign relations and defense to US Senator Spark M. Matsunaga (D.-Hawaii); and biographer of Congressman Cec Heftel (D.-Hawaii). He calls the founding of the gang therapy program Adult Friends for Youth the pinnacle of his professional life.

Grab your copy of Peace: A Holy Grail on Amazon.

Fourth book is...

When Kids Fly by Sally Fryer Dietz Filled with insights from the author Sally Fryer Dietz's years of physical and sensory integration therapy that you can take from the school to your home, When Kids Fly is written in a conversational tone that makes it perfect for parents, friends, teachers, and medical professionals, alike.

Starting from the moment that Dietz realized that something ''wasn't quite right'' with her son, and allowing us to follow them (and others) through to his adulthood, this one-of-a-kind book ties the practical to both the professional and the personal.

When Kids Fly can help you figure out when to worry about your child's development, when not to worry, and what options are available—no matter where your child falls on the spectrum of sensory motor integration. It is a wonderful resource for those who really want to help children discover their wings as they grow towards maturity and learn to fly on their own.

Sally Fryer Dietz, PT, CST-D, Founder and Director of Integrative Pediatric Therapy, is a physical therapist, developmental specialist, sensory integration expert, child advocate, and mother. As a leading authority in therapeutic pediatrics—and the mother of two boys who learned in entirely different ways—she has helped thousands of children (and their parents) live healthier, happier lives. She has taught internationally and has received worldwide media attention for the innovative therapy methods she brings to life in When Kids Fly. Born in Berkley, California, Sally now lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, Mark Dietz.

Buy your copy from Sally or grab it on Amazon.

Fifth book is...

A Travel Journal by Volker Jehle In A Travel Journal: (Mis)Adventures in Europe, Asia, Australia, author Volker Jehle provides his readers with an intriguing inside glimpse into the personal travels and experiences that helped inspire and serve as the basis for his creative work.

From the automobile troubles that plagued and vexed him during his stay in Prague for Christmas and his 50th birthday, to camping in Royan with his family and trying to dodge the threat of dying from the bite of a viper snake, to surviving the infamous riptides and many poisonous animals and beasts of Australia, the narrative (translated into English by Patricia Stanley) is rich with detail and dry humor in its assessment of each scenario Jehle and his family face during their journeys abroad.

Jehle and his translator first met in the mid 1970’s at the Hildesheimer Archive that he maintained. They have remained scholarly colleagues and became friends through the keen interest they share in the works of this writer.

Volker Jehle was born in 1954 in Balingen, a hilly region of southern Germany known as Swabia. With the Black Forest to the west and the Swabian Alb (a low mountain range that is not part of the Swiss Alps) to the east, it is a popular area for tourists. Jehle is married and has a son, a film producer. Both are mentioned frequently in the journal entries. Jehle and his wife reside in Balingen in a house whose fourth story is a spacious workroom for the biographer/bibliographer/editor/archivist/creative writer and contains also a massive library. From 1974-76 Jehle served his compulsory military duty as a civilian teacher at a workshop for mentally challenged adults. This experience became the basis for his novel, "Ulrike," which has brought him recognition as a writer in addition to the esteemed position he holds in the academic world as a scholar and leading authority on the works of Wolfgang Hildesheimer (1916-91).

Grab your copy of A Travel Journal on Amazon.

And last, but certainly not least...

The Unicorn's Tale by I.M. Patu Luci and Ruby are having a sleepover.
All of a sudden the sleepover turns
into a wonderous adventure!
Do you believe in Unicorns?
Do you believe in Magic?
They sure do.


The Unicorn's Tale is a book for girls who love princesses and ponies, who like to smile and would love to meet a unicorn. It is a book about the magic of happiness.

I. M. Patu is a practicing physician in Colorado who has been writing stories and music for many years.

Grab your copy of The Unicorn's Tale on Amazon.

Congrats on your releases, authors!

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