New Releases 10-27

What's new at MCP this week? Here are six books making their grand entrance into the world today.

First up...

The Antioch TestamentWhat happened after the most important event in Christian history?

In 2004 an American army patrol rescues a frightened group of Iraqi Christians fleeing Islamic militants. The refugees’ severely wounded leader insists on handing over a mysterious bundle only to the army chaplain. What could this bundle consist of that the dying old man had guarded it with his life?

When the bundle is opened, the chaplain finds that it contains an ancient manuscript written in an unknown language. Fearing for its safety in war-torn Iraq, he manages to have it shipped back to the States and it eventually winds up in an Eastern Orthodox monastery where linguists begin to interpret it.

What they find is absolutely astonishing: a first-century AD testimonial in Aramaic about what happened to Jesus’ apostles after the Resurrection. But time is running out. A fanatical Iraqi insurgent organization is bound and determined to retrieve or destroy the ancient manuscript before the linguists complete their work.

Donald Joiner, a veteran who served during the Korean War, a lifelong resident of Georgia, has been a history teacher, school principal, school system superintendent, banker, and president of a real estate appraisal firm. He is married, father of four grown children, and has four grandchildren. He has been a Sunday school teacher in his church for over thirty-five years. Throughout his working career and into retirement he has continued to be an avid student of history with a special affinity for the Apostolic era in early Christian history.

Connect with Donald Joiner at his website, support him by purchasing The Antioch Testament from him, or grab your copy on Amazon.

Next is...

Doing Good... Says Who?Doing Good. . . Says Who? explores the impact of good intentions from the inside. The authors conducted over 400 interviews and synthesized the lessons learned. The end result is that you are on the ground with volunteers, nonprofits, donors, and—most uniquely—the intended beneficiaries of good will. Through story telling, humor, analysis, practical advice and a discussion guide, five key concepts emerge:

1. Respect and value people
2. Build trust through relationships
3. Do “with” rather than “for”
4. Ensure feedback and accountability
5. Evaluate every step of the way

These principles will help you evaluate your motivations, question assumptions, and turn good intentions into positive outcomes.

Connie Newton and Fran Early have spent their lifetimes committed to service, as board members, donors and everyday volunteers at home and abroad. They’ve worked in intercultural education, community organizing, corporate service, sociology research and human rights, and have spent the last seven years researching this book.

Connect with Connie and Fran at their website, support them by purchasing from them, or grab a copy of Doing Good... Says Who? on Amazon.

Third book is...

Tailor Sleeve and Shoemaker Shoe SoleThe adventures of two mischievous, greedy craftsmen are chronicled as they try to take advantage of the upstanding citizens of a sleepy small village.

Hannonymous is an immigrant from the Slavic East who ultimately found herself on the West Coast of sunny California.  She has had a rewarding career as a language teacher, shared her life with an unswervingly devoted husband, witnessed a baby boy turn into an upstanding young man, and relished in the company of two wonderful dogs over the span of 25 years.  But now, as retirement looms, she finds the nest empty, her son grown and essentially gone, and her beloved canines now residing in doggie heaven, leaving a rather dark void to fill.  As fortune would have it, she soon discovered a love of writing, a myriad of characters and scenarios presenting themselves to her over endless cups of tea on the patio.  An atmosphere of excitement and anticipation quickly filled that gloomy space, once again providing the author with a sense of purpose and direction.  It is her sincere hope that you, the valued reader, will derive as much pleasure from these stories as she felt writing them.

Grab your copy of Tailor Sleeve and Shoemaker Shoe Sole on Amazon!

Fourth up is...

Spoken for by S.P. CrowA masterfully written tale of hope, love and forgiveness, Spoken For testifies to the faithfulness of a loving Father whose mercy knows no bounds, and who is eager to forgive at a moment's notice.

Experience the life-changing journey of twin girls as they set off to meet their Father. With the help of their guide, Shepherd, Avia and Batya learn what it means to be true daughters of the King. The sisters quickly learn that the only way to get to their Father's Kingdom is to rely solely on the strength and provision of Shepherd.

As the girls learn to trust in Shepherd's leadership, they discover where their true source of strength comes from. This newfound courage will be tested as they face the unthinkable! Will they hold firmly to the promises set before them, or will they allow fear to overtake them?

S. P. Crow has dedicated his life to sharing with others the amazing love and grace that was shown to him by his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has served in ministry for a number of years both in missions and through teaching. Crow graduated from Liberty University with a B.S. in Biblical Studies and a Master's Degree in Education.

Grab your copy of Spoken For on Amazon!

Fifth up is...

The Purple Teddy Bear: A Christmas StoryWith black button eyes, a little black nose, and a blue ribbon around his neck, Teddy looks a lot like the other teddy bears who are waiting in Santa's workshop for their new homes. But instead of being black, brown, or white like most bears, Teddy is the one and only purple bear.

Teddy does not mind being the only purple teddy bear. That is, until the toys at the workshop begin to tease Teddy. Upset, the little bear runs away. After a visit from Santa, Teddy learns to embrace his individuality and love his purple fur. He even receives the most unexpected gift of all: a new best friend.

An instant classic that children of any age will treasure all year long, The Purple Teddy Bear celebrates the qualities that make us stand out and the friends who help us shine.

Janie Tesch-Cassady was born and raised in Minnesota. She attended St. Cloud State Teachers College. After college, she married and moved to Buffalo, Minnesota, where her husband practiced law. She taught first grade until the fourth of her five daughters was born. Art and writing were always a passion. She wrote The Purple Teddy Bear while in college. Her professor had encouraged her to publish it, but life got in the way as she became a busy mom, talented artist, and volunteer. Now a great-grandmother, she was encouraged to pursue her writing career. She currently lives in Plymouth, Minnesota. The Purple Teddy Bear is her first published story.

Connect with Janie Tesch-Cassady at her website, purchase directly from her, or grab your copy on Amazon.

Last, but certainly not least...

Transition 2 PracticeMedical school teaches you practical, in-the-field knowledge, but it doesn't teach business skills. That's where Transition 2 Practice can help. A quick and easy read, this book will teach you the essential tools for your career search and contract negotiations so you can find your dream job that allows you, and your patients, to thrive.

With Transition 2 Practice, you will learn how to factor in a position's hours, volume of patients, and setting to determine if it's the right fit. You'll also learn how to score points in an interview, how to negotiate contract details, and get the salary and benefit package you deserve so you'll be prepared to make the right decision before you sign on the dotted line.

With real-world examples and tried and true advice, Transition 2 Practice is the must-have educational guide for jobseekers in the medical field.

Napoleon Higgins is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist whose focus is in treating mental health disorders. He is in private practice in the Houston area. He has started and developed many businesses. His private practice has grown from 1 physician being himself and his mother as his office manager. In the short period of 9 years, he has grown from his private practice to one of the largest group practices in the 4th largest city in the United States. His company, Bay Pointe Behavioral Health Service, Inc. now employs multiple clinicians including psychiatrists, physician extenders, therapists, and supporting staff. He believes that the lack of business acumen is greatly affecting the practice and delivery of health care around the country. It is his hope that the following book will help to alleviate the gap between clinical knowledge and business knowledge that is greatly lacking in the medical field.

Connect with Napoleon on his website, buy the book directly from Napoleon, or grab your copy on Amazon

Happy book birthdays, authors!

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