New Releases 11-24

What's new at MCP this week? Here are five books making their grand entrance into the world today.

First up is...

Awaken by V.R. ConzalezJohn Dayton spent his days working at the office, wishing for a better life, but when he undergoes a shocking transformation, his tedious reality is changed forever.

Suddenly, John finds himself on the brink of a plot for war. To succeed, he must rely on the help of three people he can trust: Crissy, an Elite Class Citizen who is kind to John despite his lower class, and the Changs, whose compassion hints at a history beyond accidental friendship.

Flung into a world of secrecy and intrigue, John Dayton does his best to fulfill his role as the leader of a predestined conflict. But when asked to participate in a powerful mating ritual his loyalty to the mission is tested beyond its limits.

The stakes have never been higher, as John breaks the yoke of tyranny and comes to terms with who he really is. Will he choose to save his love or his world? And will this desperate ploy to save civilization be enough?

Victor Rogers Gonzalez, III, was born on December 20, 1966 in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas. He joined a family of three brothers around fourteen years older than him, but shortly after his birth Victor’s mother and father divorced. Victor and his mother moved to a family ranch with their grandmother and two cousins. His life was filled with adventure from that point on.

Get your copy of Awaken directly from Victor or get your copy on Amazon.

Second is...

Crooked Branches on the Family Tree by Judith BarnardHow often do we wish we had more control of our lives, what we do and what others do around us? In Crooked Branches on the Family Tree, men and women, boys and girls, plot scenarios to put them in control when their lives take sudden, startling turns.

• IRENE BREMER, tries to fend off the hovering attentions of her children;
• DANTE inherits a thriving company and recasts everything he once believed about himself;
• A SUCCESSFUL LAWYER demands that his imperious aunt provide a plan of action he can accept;
• STELLA and her sister ROSIE concoct a scheme to transform their lives and the lives of those closest to them;
• ELEANOR gazes at scenes through people’s windows to find clues to her own life.

There is a father who leaves, a mother who leaves, and others who strive to master events in sometimes humorous, inevitably fateful ways. All of them, as familiar as next-door neighbors but caught in unfamiliar situations, scheme to manipulate their worlds with results both unexpected and striking.

JUDITH BARNARD has been a journalist, feature writer, script writer, magazine editor, book and film critic, and author of films and text books for preschool to college. Her novel The Past and Present of Solomon Sorge received the Award of Excellence of the Friends of American Writers and was said by Harry T. Moore to be “One of the supremely convincing pictures of the American intellectual.” As Judith Michael, she is the author, with her husband Michael Fain, of eleven novels published in over forty countries. She lives with her husband in Chicago and Aspen Colorado.

Grab your copy on Amazon!

Third up is...

Malevir by Susan Bass MarcusDragons have long been absent from their ancestral home in the Veiled Valley. Through spells and deceptions, a mysterious shape-shifter attacked them and now threatens the Valley's hard-won tranquility. With the dragons' strengths and magic apparently gone forever, the lives of the Valley's humans and otherworldly creatures hang in the balance. 

But the days of the dragons may not have ended. Two young dragonriders with secrets of their own rediscover surviving dragons and help them fulfill an ancient prophecy. Will their generation heal the rift between human and dragon? Will their elders, long enemies of the dragons, recognize and defend against the new menace before it destroys them? 

Malevir: Dragons Return is the first of Susan Bass Marcus' fantasy adventure trilogy, a fresh take on classic themes of family, courage, and sacrifice that recalls the thrills fans find in the work of Anne McCaffrey or J.R.R. Tolkien.

Susan Bass Marcus' past work as a story teller and puppeteer honed skills she brought to her long career in museum education. Her original story-filled curricula and public programs enlivened her award-winning museum programs for more than 100,000 patrons over three decades. Her writings include continuing the Malevir trilogy, published essays and short stories, and online media.  

Purchase a copy directly from Susan or grab a copy on Amazon.

Fourth up is...

Sir Coffin Graves by Leinad PlatzJacob Davis led a simple life until everything he thought he knew changed. His girlfriend is murdered. His father is not who he says he is -- and Jacob discovers even his own life has been a lie.

As he begins to unravel the truth that had been hidden, a truth which turns out to be more unbelievable than anything he could have imagined, he discovers a plot that has been unfolding against humanity for thousands of years . . . and he has been chosen to both expose and explode it. The dangers he faces are surpassed only by the measures he is forced to take to survive them.

Sir Coffin Graves, Book 1, is the story of a young man confronted with the challenges of life, death and faith in a world that is nothing like he thought it was, where reality is a dream, and his dreams are the reality. He not only encounters the extraordinary, but he slowly becomes it.

Grab your copy of Sir Coffin Graves.

Last, but certainly not least...

The Ring of Time by Clinton C. PerkinsDoctor Gerard Sutton leads a fulfilling life—teaching at a small university, pursuing his hobby of researching paranormal phenomena, and spending his summers on archaeological sites in Central America. Until, on a dig in Guatemala, a stranger gives him a remarkable artifact, a gold ring, old before men walked the earth. This ring will reveal for him 5,000 years of human history seen through his own eyes.

And so begins a journey through the ages that leads Sutton to become a “mind traveler” able to move in and out of the past at will. As the story unfolds, a misadventure traps him in the body of an otherworldly being—who may hold the key to unlocking the origin and history of the human race.

The Ring of Time intertwines the long-explored concept of time travel with that of the out-of-body experience. It is a journey of intrigue and adventure across the ages that will hold readers to the last page.

Upon completing his military service in 1964, Clinton Perkins moved to Austria where he attended the University of Vienna and became a German-English translator. Later Mr. Perkins opened an English language bookshop—Pickwick’s Paperbacks—in Vienna, which he ran for nearly twenty years. He now lives in Arizona with his wife, Beverly.

Grab your copy of The Ring of Time on Amazon!

Congrats on your releases, authors!

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