New Releases 12-29

What's new at Mill City Press this week? We've got three books making their grand entrances into the world today.

First up is...

The Survivors' Walk by Jackie Ryan WitherspoonJessie Gifford knew that after-hours calls from doctors are never good. For her, though, things seemed to go from bad to worse in an instant, when a follow-up to a mammogram filled her life with words like “biopsy” and “breast cancer.” In an instant, Jessie’s life changed. She became detached, feeling as if she has been betrayed by her body—as if she is watching all of this happen to someone else. She couldn’t have cancer. She isn’t prepared for the disease . . . but then, who is?

As Jessie later learns, she’s not alone in her turbulent feelings. She meets four other women at the treatment center who are also fighting the disease—Pam, who feels guilty for her husband’s death; Karen, whose negative attitude gets on everyone’s nerves; Irene, who rarely speaks; and Marcie, a young mother who thought the “bump” on her breast was a result of lifting heavy boxes. They develop an unlikely bond and eventually see each other as more than women who share a disease. 

A journalist for over twenty years, Jackie Ryan Witherspoon has won numerous awards for her writing and has been published in national and regional magazines. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2012, she turned to writing fiction, applying the adage ''Write what you know'' and authoring The Survivors' Walk. Witherspoon now writes fiction full time from her home on Table Rock Lake in Missouri, where she lives with her husband, Gary, and their yellow lab, Katie.

Connect with Jackie Ryan Witherspoon on her website, buy a copy of The Survivors' Walk directly from her, or grab a copy on Amazon.

Second up is...

Don't Jump! It's Only a Bump

Don't Jump! It's Only a Bump is a collection of success stories, firsthand knowledge, straight talk, and author Dave Heyl's signature ''Gold Nuggets'' of Biblical wisdom, inspiring readers to strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, through whom all things are possible . . . including living a fulfilling, rewarding life! Dave provides a blend of anecdotes, statistics, and prescriptive advice, offering an insightful, memorable narrative based on his own experience with depression and a matter-of-fact approach to scripture.

Readers will not just read the book but constantly find themselves encouraged to apply its principles to their daily lives. The book's friendly approach and hands-on advice makes it an infinitely accessible guide for any Christian on his or her faith journey.

Dave Heyl holds a business degree from the University of Central Missouri; his adventures have taken him from sales to banking to entrepreneurship to the marine industry to CFO of a family-owned shipyard. A devout Christian, Dave has volunteered as a youth minister, teacher, and preacher for the past thirty years and has served on numerous church and nonprofit boards. He lives outside St. Louis, Missouri, with his high-school sweetheart, whom he married more than thirty years ago. They have two grown children.

Connect with Dave on his website, buy a copy of Don't Jump! It's Only a Bump directly from him, or grab a copy on Amazon.

Last but certainly not least is...

Defining and Applying HRM in the Workplace by Richard Heiser

With a focus on the essentials, Defining and Applying HRM in the Workplace is a learning instrument through which managers and students of management can learn and apply effective HR strategies and tactics in public, private and nonprofit organizations of any size.

Defining and Applying HRM in the Workplace addresses the primary purpose of the human resource management function: how to provide and direct personnel so an organization can efficiently and effectively achieve its purpose.

Benefiting from the author's extensive background in the field, the book is framed around the four major aspects of the function: acquisition of workers, employee direction and organization, creation of enabling conditions and fulfillment of legal obligations. The chapters present guidelines for the application of policies, projects and programs for accomplishing HR objectives.

Dick Heiser's career spans an extraordinary breadth of experience in human resources management and education in private, public and nonprofit organizations. Beginning with job analysis and time and motion study at Deere & Company, Heiser advanced to human resources division management in two Fortune 500 firms. With the Hoerner Waldorf Corporation he served as plant personnel director and corporate compensation manager, negotiated union contracts and participated on a team to install management by objectives. With Champion International Corporation he served as division personnel manager and recruited in colleges. At Land O'Lakes he served as division HR manager, undertook there location and integration of an acquired firm's management staff and undertook the first of several major startup staffing roles. During the course of his career he has consulted with hundreds of managers on scores of HR subjects and issues.

Connect with Richard on his website at or grab your own copy of Defining and Applying HRM in the Workplace.

Happy book birthdays, authors!

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