New Releases 2-16

What's new at Mill City Press this week? We've got four books making their grand entrances into the world today. 

First up is...

Nancy’s business partner is found dead at his desk, apparently due to the stress of overwork. Instead of replacing him, Nancy doubles her work load to take up the slack, barely stopping business long enough to acknowledge his passing.

Feeling the pressure to keep the checks rolling in, Nancy focuses on keeping the clients happy while ignoring and berating her talented employees. Nancy eventually becomes so despised that a few employees fail to report an accounting error that has far-reaching consequences. Everyone’s blood pressure rises as the company starts to spiral downward. 

During one particularly stress-filled late night dinner, with only her client emails to keep her company, Nancy hears her dead business partner’s voice. He brings a dire warning and unbelievable messengers. She begins to see the horrific truth of her situation.

Unable to control or ignore her dead business partner’s warning and the surreal trip that follows, the morning comes with unexpected consequences.
Rick Chambers’ professional background began as a lieutenant in the US Air Force. An experienced leader in operations research, business analytics, and the technology industry, he is a firm believer in the profitable effects of collaborative leadership and the power of strong followership. Chambers spends his free time writing, volunteering, and occasionally getting away from it all on a remote backpacking trip. He, and his partner, Jeri, live in Plano, Texas.


Grab your copy of Inspired on Amazon.

Second up is...

In this humorous and practical guide to public speaking, Mary Milla offers tips for moving your presentations out of the PowerPoint weeds.

Drawing on more than two decades as a public speaking coach, Mary debunks common excuses and offers strategies to make your next speech poised and polished. These practical, empowering tips will forever change the way you approach public speaking.

Mary presents an eight-step plan for writing your speech using real-life “makeover moments,” showing how she helped her clients tell their stories in an engaging way.

Don't Suck even offers tips for other talks: wedding toasts, speaking on a panel, or introducing other speakers. Using hilarious anecdotes from her personal experience, Mary steers you clear of cringe-inducing moments.

If you’ve ever wanted to get out of your public speaking rut—and not embarrass yourself in the process—this book is for you!

Mary Milla’s mission in life is to rid the world of dull, lengthy, buzzword-filled communication. After stints in TV news, state government, and public relations, Mary struck out on her own in 2003. Since then she’s helped hundreds of clients not suck (on a straw) while they speak. Today Mary delivers her “how to give a speech” speech throughout the country, tackling dull, ordinary communication one audience at a time.


Connect with Mary at her website, buy a copy of Don't Suck on a Straw During a Speech directly from her, or grab a copy on Amazon.


Third up is...

Countless books on the topics of finance and debt fail to incorporate the personal experiences of people who have been through the debt grinder. How can you relate to information that has no real life application?

Inspired by her own journey, author Frances Rahaim shares stories of people who have struggled with unsustainable debt, yet with determination, a positive attitude, and a little help, found their way back to debt freedom.

Debt or Alive provides many valuable tips and methods for smart debt and financial management, including:

• The truth behind Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, and Bankruptcy
• How to build a better retirement
• An easy way to budget
• Good debt vs. bad debt
• Dealing with student loans
• Effective ways to save money
• And much more!

You can experience the life-changing revelation of becoming debt-free, without sacrificing credit. Build the future of your dreams, starting today!

Frances Rahaim, Ph.D., is founder and president of PowerDownDebt, Inc., and PowerUpRetirement, in Turners Falls, Mass., and has helped hundreds of individuals and families become 100 percent debt-free and enjoy a brighter future. With more than 25 years of experience in finance, insurance, and real estate, and a doctorate in insurance and risk management, Rahaim, also known as the Money Doctor, offers free financial tips and debt-management information during her weekly radio broadcasts and as host of TV’s The Money Doctor Show.


Buy a copy of Debt or Alive directly from Frances or grab a copy of Amazon.

Last, but certainly not least is...

ROBERT BENSE’S voice conveys a kaleidoscope of human emotion set against vivid imagery in this beautiful book of poetry. Backed by a vast geographic landscape, Bense paints a picture for the reader of the everyday in not-so-everyday locations.

His is a life well traveled, and he weaves a tapestry of places both ordinary and extraordinary, uncovering the simple pleasures and pains that we all experience. In “Leveled Out,” he reminisces about a place that once was. “I never go back but think of things we left behind. Your footsteps on the bricks. Fugitive prints of bodies lying in the orchard grass. Clues gone stale explaining us to us.”

Arguments in a Public Space is a poetic delight.
A native of Illinois, Robert Bense studied Classics and Philosophy at the University of Illinois, The Great Books at the
University of Chicago and Literature at Southern Illinois University.  He has taught in college English departments in
Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania.  He now lives in California with his young Airedale Henry.

Grab your copy of Arguments in a Public Space on Amazon.


Happy book birthdays, authors!


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