New Releases 2-23

What's new at Mill City Press this week? We've got five books making their grand entrances into the world today.

First up is...

Customers are at the core of every aspect of business. This simple fact makes it crucial to cultivate customer loyalty. Even for the best companies, identifying the disconnect between attempts to be great in the eyes of customers and how customers actually respond is not always an easy task. That’s where Ellen Wunder steps in.

Ellen has Reached thousands of her clients’ B2B customers, helping them to differentiate their businesses in a way that the electronic world can never match. In Reach: Cultivate Customer Loyalty and Reap Intel, Ellen reveals insights into her time-tested system by uncovering the five common Loyalty Leaks™ that weaken or destroy customer relationships. Readers learn techniques to keep customers informed about valuable products, programs, and services while creating authentic connections in an impersonal world.

Ellen Wunder had a fulfilling career in corporate sales, marketing, and customer service management, and learned to recognize the immense importance of relationships at every step. She took time away from the business world to focus on raising a family, which provided profound insights on developing the diverse strengths of individuals.

Now, at Reach Customers LLC, Ellen and her team of Reach Specialists provide concierge quality B2B customer outreach services for companies with a relentless desire to cultivate unwavering customer loyalty. Instead of relying on scripted monologues and barrages of questions, they work with clients to Reach individual customers, blast through barriers that exist in an increasingly noisy and competitive world, and forge emotional connections.

Ellen graduated from the Pennsylvania State University and is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators.

Connect with Ellen at her website, purchase a copy of Reach directly from her, or grab a copy on Amazon.

Second up is...

Across the country in many houses of worship, there has been a decline in attendance.

Drawing from personal experience in church leadership and discussions with other churchgoers, author Wayne Vaughan has written Keeping Your Church Alive: Advice for Pastors, Leaders and Active Members. Focusing on common, preventable issues, Vaughan shares insights and solutions to church challenges.

Are you ready to make a change in the life of your church, and bear witness to what God has to offer? Keeping Your Church Alive will help you understand the importance of:

  • communication as you work together to share the Good News of Jesus Christ,
  • stewardship and discipleship—learning to lead and follow,
  • financial management, and
  • being accountable for what goes on in your life, and the life of the church.

If you are ready to begin your journey to live the life of ministry God intended for you, Keeping Your Church Alive should be your first step.

Wayne J. Vaughan is married to his soul-mate, Cassandra. He is employed by the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services in the Learning & Development Unit. He has experience working for IBM, Bristol-Myers, Marsh & McLennan, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, The Concord Baptist Church of Christ and the NYC Department of Education. At Concord he served as the Chief Financial Officer and Sunday School Superintendent. His ministry leadership roles have included being President of the Men's Fellowship, Youth Advisor, Sunday School Teacher Trainer and Financial Literacy Program Creator.

Christian education is very important to him, but Wayne feels that the desire to change lives for Jesus Christ needs to be the focus of education rather than just obtaining Bible knowledge. He is a member of the Mount Ollie Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY where he serves in the Sunday School and in the Men's Ministry. He possesses an MBA from Columbia University and a BBA from Baruch College. 


Connect with Wayne at his website, purchase a copy of Keeping Your Church Alive directly from him, or grab a copy on Amazon.

Third up is...

We’re off to the circus; there’s so much to see! With your head in the clouds and a new way to dream. This is a different kind of story where you play a part. You color the characters; you animate your art! Jack & Abby will share their imaginations with you. They celebrate your personality and creativity too!

Sarah Jackson is a Single Mother, entrepreneur, author and disability advocate.  She lives in Atlanta, GA where she is raising her three little boys who are all on the Autism Spectrum. Through her journey and education on Autism and Developmental Disabilities, she recognized the need for strong, reasonable education tools for families. She also recognized that children, whether typically developing or with Special Needs, all learn and play differently. The market is saturated with products focused on one “normal” learning methodology. That is why she set out to create a company that is carefully crafted for all of us who are Differently Developing.  So, in 2014 Sarah launched which focuses on fun, engaging books, applications, and games—all while harnessing dynamic content and the newest technologies available.

Connect with Sarah at her website, buy Head in the Clouds directly from her, or grab a copy on Amazon.

Fourth up is...

In Ease into Freedom: Keys for Reducing Stress and Unlocking Your Potential, author William A. Frey—who has studied stress management since the 1970s—provides 53 concrete, easy-to-implement tips for handling stress skillfully. From breathing and sitting techniques to managing time to applying mindfulness to various aspects of life, Ease into Freedom teaches one new tip per week, plus a bonus tip, to keep you going all year long.

Each tip is accompanied by a practice guide that not only helps readers utilize the prescribed advice but also encourages them to explore the efficacy of each tip and why it does (or doesn’t) work.

Anytime is a good time to begin taking small steps to alleviate suffering from stress, and Ease into Freedom is an exceptional, user-friendly start to unlocking your potential for feeling and living better.

“A gentle yet powerful companion to keep on your desk or your bedside.”
—Rob Kramer, author of Stealth Coaching: Everyday Conversations for Extraordinary Results
William A. Frey has been trained in a variety of stress management models, has served since 2000 as an instructor of mindfulness-based stress reduction for the Program on Integrative Medicine at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and currently works at the University as an organization and professional development specialist. He has also been trained in facilitation, conflict management, and various disciplines of meditation. He is a certified professional coactive coach and holds undergraduate degrees in psychology, chemistry, and medical technology and a Master’s degree in education with an emphasis on training and development.

Connect with William at his website, buy Ease into Freedom directly from him, or grab a copy on Amazon.

Last, but certainly not least is...

Does saying good-bye to old jeans give you the blues? Discover thirty new ways to rescue your old denim. Transform your favorite old, worn or stained jeans into something fun and creative. Each project in Discarded Denim uses parts of a pair of jeans and turns them into something new but also leaves them instantly recognizable as denim. Every project includes step-by-step instructions as well as detailed photographs. A tutorials section in the back of the book provides guidance if you’re a little rusty with basic skills. 

Linda lives in the Portland, Oregon area with her husband. She has been crafting for as long as she can remember but this is the first time she has published her ideas.

To see more of her crafts, you can visit her Etsy page at


Connect with Linda at her website, buy Discarded Denim directly from her, or grab a copy on Amazon.

Happy book birthdays, authors!

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