New Releases 5-17

What's new at Mill City Press this week? We've got three books making their grand entrances into the world today.

First up is...

One third of kids will go on to become the pillars of society. The second third will live comfortable lives. Trouble will be the only accomplishment of the last third.

Jeremy, the biracial bastard child of a single teenage mother, was quickly labeled as being among the last third in his adolescence. With no friends, no money, and a disintegrating relationship with his mother, Jeremy had few prospects to find a way out. As his anger climaxes—to the shock of a notorious and terrifying school bully—Jeremy seemingly seals his fate as a member of the last third.

Enter Roy, an eccentric old curmudgeon, who has a fateful encounter with Jeremy. As Roy introduces Jeremy to the fantastical world of aviation, an unexpected friendship grows. Can these two misfits find some beacon of hope in each other?

In his story of adversity, growing up, and friendship, author Jonathan Mach presents a tale of life in the face of formidable obstacles—and the meaningful relationships that blossom as a result.
Jonathan Mach is a former United States Naval Aviator. He currently flies Gulfstream 550's for a Fortune 500 company.

Connect with Jonathan at his website, buy Last Third directly from him, or grab a copy on Amazon.

Second up is...

Mongolian Beef, Cuban Pork, Baked Alaska, French Crepes—if international cuisine gets your taste buds dancing, this the cookbook for you!

Travel the world gluten free with mother and daughter authors Nancy Miller and Amber Barrett and their new cookbook, A World of Flavor: Your Gluten-Free Passport.

This cookbook provides readers with an inspired combination of dishes from around the globe that are deliciously high in flavor with none of the gluten. These recipes do not rely on pricey cup-for-cup flour alternatives, but use a variety of flours tailored to the success of each individual recipe so you get results to be proud of.
Amber is a history buff, photographer, food blogger, and recipe developer. She grew up in San Diego, California and moved to the Washington DC area to work for the federal government after graduating with a degree in History. She now lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

Nancy is a retired Human Resources Manager and now a food blogger and recipe developer. Nancy has farm roots, learned to cook and bake at an early age, and passed on her love for the culinary arts to her children.

When both Amber and Nancy discovered that they were gluten intolerant, they were determined to create gluten-free recipes that were up to their high standards, and could be served to family and guests without apology.

Connect with Amber and Nancy on their food blog, buy A World of Flavor directly from them, or grab a copy on Amazon.

Third is...


The hands that built had long since turned to dust, and worm and beetle and mouse had come and gone. 

A velvet silence grew from the time-marking, soft gray blanket settled on objects unmoved for decades. 

A generation had passed, and no foot had stirred. 

Memory itself had fled. 
Bill is writer in residence at Arkham Community College. He lives in Chancery, Rhode Island, with his lovely wife, Bettina, golden retrievers Jupiter and Mallory, and fat cat Philo.

Grab a copy of Hots for the Duesie on Amazon.


Happy book birthdays, authors!

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