New Releases 5-31

What's new at Mill City Press this week? We've got four books making their grand entrances into the world today.

First up is...

Walter, who has recently experienced the loss of his wife, is having trouble adjusting to his new role as a single father. Feeling particularly down one Saturday morning, Walter is caught off guard by a question from his young daughter, Karen: What happens if you hold a mirror up to another mirror? Her curiosity leads the two on a mission to answer the question.

What results is a thrilling discovery for Karen, and confirmation for Walter that he will continue to create happy memories with his daughter despite the loss felt by them both.

With beautiful illustrations depicting the love between a father and his daughter, To Touch the Hand of God is a powerful lesson for parents and kids alike: We are stronger than we think.
Eugene J. Phelan was born in New York City. He lives and works in Kentucky.

Grab a copy of To Touch the Hand of God on Amazon.

Second up is...

Why do couples find it so difficult to stick with a savings plan? The answer lies in their thoughts and motivations—what Laura Bell refers to as a “Spending Mindset.” By developing a “Wealth Mindset” instead, new ways of thinking about money can lead to a prosperous future.

Bell lays out a roadmap for couples looking for financial well-being and possibly a healthier relationship as well. The Couple’s Strategy for Building Wealth is not a risky get-rich-quick scheme; rather, it is an easy-to-read guide that presents couples with a straightforward approach for building wealth.

"This book is as unique as it is crucial: every couple needs to understand these concepts because money is a notorious relationship buster and doesn't need to be. I defy anyone to read this book and not come away with some ideas that are immediately usable."

-Ted Cadsby, MBA, CFA, ICD.D, Corporate Director, best-selling author, consultant and former executive vice president of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Laura Bell, MBA is a Change Management Consultant, supporting Fortune 500 companies prepare for and execute major change initiatives and breakthrough performance. She is also a wife, a mother of three, and an expert wealth-builder. Laura and her husband, Erwin, have been living by the Spend One, Save One Couple’s Strategy for Wealth detailed in her book for over 20 years. This book combines both sides of her life to present breakthrough thinking skills to guide readers as they pursue the fine art of saving money and building wealth.

Learn more at Bell's website, or get your copy on Amazon.

Third is...

As the wife of a professional baseball player, Alisha Perkins has long struggled to find an identity of her own—a struggle made worse by an anxiety disorder that has plagued her since childhood. One afternoon during spring training, Alisha, eager for a few minutes to herself, decides to take a short run around the neighborhood. What she discovers is her first taste of the elusive runner’s high, a release of her pent-up anxiety, and a chance to find her voice.

As Alisha progresses from shorter distances to full marathons—eventually organizing charity races of her own—she is able to let go of the nagging sense that she is “competent but not complete,” even as the demands of training compete with those of family and baseball.

A memoir that will resonate with anyone who has struggled with self-doubt, Running Home is a poignant meditation on the steps that hold us back, and those that push us forward.

Alisha Perkins is mom to two girls, wife to three-time All-Star Minnesota Twins closer Glen Perkins, and owner to a dog, Harry Potter. She is a born and raised Minnesotan.

Alisha and Glen host Fifteen’s 5k, an annual race held in Minneapolis that has benefitted the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in the past and looks to expand charities in the future.

Alisha’s writing has appeared in publications including Women’s Running, Huffington Post, Ultrarunning, Like the Wind, Red Current, Minneapolis Running, Most, Star Tribune, Girls with Sole, Twins magazine, and others.

Running Home is her first book. You can visit her online at

Connect with Alisha Perkins on her website, or grab a copy of Running Home: Big-League Wife, Small-Town Story on Amazon.

Fourth is...

June 2, 2002, is an ordinary day for a handful of strangers driving through the desert when a tortoise crosses the road, resulting in a horrific automobile collision that will connect the lives of these strangers forever.

Flash forward a few years, and Blake Morgan, a reporter who covered the collision, is assigned to provide an update on the survivors for a human interest story in his newspaper. He discovers that things have gotten worse for the survivors: one has terminal cancer, another ALS, and a young woman who had been rendered quadriplegic has fallen into a deep depression. All of them have lost their will to live and seek a permanent end to their suffering. Staggering medical costs, anxious heirs, government, and religion all tug at their choices. And should it even be their exclusive choice to make?

A Tortoise in the Road is a bold and thought-provoking work that artfully explores the emotional, legal, and moral controversy that surrounds assisted suicide today.

Warren Driggs is an attorney. He is married and has four extraordinary children and four healthy, new grandchildren whose years, at least for now, seem endless. Through the years he watched his grandmother lose her cognitive function and spend the final years of her life in an "affordable" rest home. He also lost his parents to drawn-out fatal illnesses, and his friend to the devastating effects of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. These loved ones, and their end of life suffering, are the inspiration for A Tortoise in the Road.

Get A Tortoise in the Road on Amazon.

Happy book birthdays, authors!

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