New Releases 6-21

What's new at Mill City Press this week? We've got six books making their grand entrances into the world today.

First up is...

An ambitious and dynamic debut novel, When the Owl Sings centers around Mason Rhimes, a journalist whose ominous dreams hold the key that links him to an ancient Maya civilization that disappeared without a trace. Still reeling from the death of his fiancée, Mason sets out on a personal quest to find answers to the foreboding and spine-chilling events that torture him nightly. Mason’s path will lead him to a town where nothing is as it appears, and where he quickly becomes an unwitting participant in a web of deceit and lies.

As clues are gathered and answers revealed, Mason learns of a plot that threatens the entire nation; his visionary gift, which has been a part of him for so long, may serve a higher purpose after all.


Since 1997, David C. Maloney has held several titles within the field of Forensic Science, including Forensic Chemist, Senior Criminalist, and most recently, Crime Scene Unit Supervisor. He has testified in court as an expert witness in Forensics over 80 times and, has formal certifications as a Bloodstain Pattern Examiner, Senior Crime Scene Analyst, and as a Medical Death Investigator. Since 2001, he has been an Adjunct Professor at four colleges/universities in Colorado. When not writing, he can found hiking or mountain biking in the Colorado Rockies. He can be reached by email at or via his website

Connect with David C. Maloney on, buy your copy of When the Owl Sings directly from the author here, or get it on Amazon.

Second up is...

Barely catching her breath after wrapping up a string of complex murders, homicide detective Lou Donovan finds herself on the hunt for a new killer with some seriously twisted methods. The ghastly slaughters turn even veteran cops several shades of green, and it’s up to Lou and her new partner to follow their instincts down their dark and deadly path.

As if tracking down a murderer wasn’t enough, Lou finds herself in the middle of a delicate balancing act. Her new and unfamiliar role among one of the world’s most powerful, clandestine organizations has her second-guessing her own instincts. It’s made all the more difficult due to Lou’s refusal to face her inexplicable longing for the new man that looms at the center of her universe.

The third installment in the Series of Shadows saga, Shadows May Fall, follows the series’s beloved detective as she faces new challenges, both professional and personal. Will Lou sort out her tangled life, or will her unresolved emotions result in tragedy?

After nearly two decades working in the legal profession Mell Corcoran made a major career shift to pursue her passion as a writer. Author of the critically acclaimed Series of Shadows, including Shadows of Doubt and Shadows of Deceit, Mell found her bliss as a mystery-thriller writer.

A native Southern Californian, Mell was born into a large stereotypical Irish-American family, many in law enforcement, which fostered a unique perspective in her writing. She is an avid animal lover, hockey fan, would-be golfer and aspiring tech geek. Mell resides with her family just outside Los Angeles, California.

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Third is...

People regret the things they did and the things they fail to do. There should be peace. Meditation is the way. Yet, it has been made more complex than necessary. This book proposes a simple way which is even easier than the popular mindfulness approach. Peace and Beads: Neural Mechanism of Meditation recommends a more straightforward practice. The suggestion is backed by reasoning with available scientific data.

The procedure does not have to be complicated to be effective. Motivation will come when the mechanism is understood. With random thoughts deflected by beads, neural re-organization of memories will take place in the unconscious. Emotion will move towards peace. The practice is like the using of the key to open the door. The capacity is innate.

Joseph C.S. Yang, MD, is an anesthesiologist subspecialized in pain medicine. He was Professor of Anesthesiology at Hong Kong University and an adjunct professor at Columbia University. He is now retired and does more reflecting than working.

August Paul is a freelance writer. He is a mathematics tutor at Empire College, New York.

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Fourth is...


The distress call is only a fragment, but it is clear that the starship Telemachus needs help. Well-known pilot and astronaut Jeremy Crane is sent to rescue–or recover–the stranded crew. Ninety-two light-years away on Earth-like New California, Crane finds not one, but two intelligent humanoid species. There he discovers a new love, a new faith, and a secret “Message” that could save humankind. He also runs head on into deception, intrigue, and murder, all the while confronting his own personal demons.

With Other Hands, author Thomas James explores the mysteries of the cosmos and delves into the inner recesses of the human psyche. Mr. James offers a captivating and thought-provoking novel, taking readers to a place where science, technology, spirituality, love, and madness collide.
The author has a bachelor's degree in astronomy and a master's degree in transportation systems. He has had a career in transportation planning and lives in Southern California. He also composes music.

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Fifth is...

Powers and Johnson are back in the explosive conclusion to the Face of Fear investigation. As the personal lives of the police officers and detectives of the now Priority 1 Task Force seem to be back to normal, behind the scenes, a plot to destroy all those who saved the lives of Rachelle Robinson, Deborah Lance and Lindsey Wilkerson has been planned. The tables get turned when it is discovered there is a link to The Music Club Murders from The Face of Fear Investigation. This link forces Ghost Face to return where he proves that when it comes to revenge there is...NO MERCY.

R. J. Torbert who has been a key figure in the history of the Ghost Face mask since  1996 continues his work at Fun World, which includes protecting the trademark and copyrights of Ghost Face. R. J. has entered his twentieth year at Fun World, creating and developing over one thousand items sold around the world. He is currently working on his third novel, R. J. holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing.

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Sixth is...

On a fateful evening in 1978, Chivvis Moore, living as a carpenter in California, stops by the house of an architect friend. “What if I wrote to Hassan Fathy?” Chivvis suggests, eager to meet the Egyptian author of the influential Architecture for the Poor. Less than three months later, Chivvis arrives in Cairo knowing virtually nothing about the culture and religion of the predominantly Muslim Middle East. 

What begins as a trip to meet Hassan Fathy becomes a 16-year odyssey that stretches from a year working in the shop of a master carpenter in Egypt to fraught years teaching English in Palestine.

Offering a portrait of a land and a people not found in newspaper headlines or on television screens, First Tie Your Camel, Then Trust in God humanizes the misunderstandings, misconceptions, and tragedies that arise when we fail to appreciate the humanity at the core of us all.


Chivvis Moore has earned her living as a journalist, carpenter, editor, and teacher. She is fluent in Arabic, having lived 16 years in Arab countries, returning to the US in 2008. She now works with Zawaya, a nonprofit organization that seeks to contribute to the multicultural discourse of the Bay Area with the Arab arts. She lives in Oakland, CA, with her partner.

Learn more at, buy First Tie Your Camel, Then Trust in God directly from the author here, or get your copy on Amazon.

Happy book birthdays, authors!

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