New Releases 6-28

What's new at Mill City Press this week? We've got seven—count them, seven!—books making their grand entrances into the world today.

First up is...

When Marc Ashton was kidnapped, thoughts of his famous father, Horace Dade Ashton, filled his mind. The elder Ashton became a founding member of the Explorers Club, and showed his passion for adventure by visiting many perilous, yet captivating, corners of the world at a time when travel was not easy. Marc believed the key to his escape lay in his father’s exploits.

Dubbed the “original Indiana Jones,” the elder Ashton shared his journeys through his countless lectures, films, prize-winning photographs, and writing. In 1940, he became the cultural attaché to the U.S. embassy in Haiti and moved his young family to the island, where they remained until 2001.

The Spirit of Villarosa is a glorious account of Horace Ashton’s remarkable adventures juxtaposed with Marc Ashton’s own harrowing captivity by armed, drug-crazed thugs seeking a staggering ransom.

This book reads like an exciting adventure novel; the fact that it’s a true story makes it all the more exhilarating.


Marc Ashton was born in Washington, D.C. and arrived in Haiti as an infant, when his father became cultural attaché to the United States Embassy. Marc remained in Haiti most of his life, where he married, started a family, founded numerous businesses, and employed thousands of people. Now retired, Marc lives in Boca Raton, Florida, where he is active in the community.

Libby J. Atwater has helped others tell their stories for more than twenty-five years. She has written ten nonfiction books, and tales from her own life appear in several anthologies. Her award-winning memoir, What Lies Within, was released in 2013. She lives in Southern California.

Learn more at, buy your copy directly from the author here, or get it on Amazon.

Second up is...

Michael Griesgraber’s parody series started auspiciously—by mistake.

When his copy of a Vermeer painting was placed on display at his local Starbucks it was accidentally sold, so he replaced it with another, this time adding in his favorite Starbucks breakfast. But when that sold just as quickly, Griesgraber realized he’d stumbled onto something big.

Encouraged by the painting’s positive reception, Griesgraber continued the joke, producing dozens of parodies that sold out within days. By then he’d picked up momentum, incorporating not just Starbucks imagery but outside objects, ideas, and even other paintings to make his statements.

At times wry, often witty, and always insightful, The Art of Parody is a highly engaging look at an artist’s process of honoring past paintings while twisting the results in surprising, sometimes shocking ways. You’ll never look at a Starbucks the same way again!

Michael Griesgraber was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Aside from his art, his career included stints as a Navy photographer, a graphic designer at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, a BBDO ad agency account exec, and an advertising and marketing director for some of the world’s most decorated tech companies.

Michael’s parodies are only one aspect of his work. Now a full-time artist living in Las Vegas, Nevada, Griesgraber and his original paintings have come to the attention of art collectors, critics, and curators, including Lauren Hickson of New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s, Beth Saunders, Curatorial Assistant. His work is on display in Las Vegas and in over one hundred private collections in the US, Canada, and England.

Griesgraber paints parodies whenever he feels like lampooning something.

Visit Michael Griesgraber on, buy directly from the author here, or grab your copy on Amazon.

Third is...

Many books on volunteerism and leadership are more theory than practice. Serving with Significance is full of easy-to-follow tips that can be implemented immediately by its readers. Although some people are lucky enough to be born leaders, leadership is a skill that can be learned. Like most skills, the more it is practiced, the better one gets.

The concept of volunteerism at its very roots is changing the community and the world in which we live. Serving with Significance is designed for every type of group, from formal to informal, local to international, prayer group to professional group, social to humanitarian, and especially membership-based organizations. While the primary audience is that of the nonprofit sector, nearly all of the tips that follow are equally applicable in a corporate setting of any size.

Leading the charge toward making a positive difference in the world is one of the few opportunities that every person can take advantage of at any point in his or her life. 

Rebecca Henderson has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee and an M.S. in Community Leadership from Duquesne University. The academic experience, combined with more than three decades of volunteer leadership experience on more than two dozen boards of directors, ranging in scope from local to international, give her significant expertise in nonprofit leadership. The author loves strategic planning, organizational development, bylaws and parliamentary procedure. She was a National Operational Volunteer for Girl Scouts of the USA for one term. She holds the Thanks Badge, Girl Scouting’s highest honor. The author also served a two-year term on the board of directors of the Association of Junior Leagues, International. The author was named one of Milligan College’s Leaders in Christian Service in 2015.

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Fourth is...

Ginny and her husband Mark decided to reinvent their world. Packing up three kids and a dog, they left a thriving dance studio and moved to NW Georgia.

However, as they traded stability for a stab at self-sustainability, their million-dollar quest to set up a modest life became a scramble to figure out how to navigate the complicated world of simple living. 

In My Million-Dollar Donkey: The Price I Paid for Wanting to Live Simply, Ginny honestly recounts the four years she and her family gave to their complex attempt to forge a life that would lead to stronger relationships with the environment, community and, most importantly, one another. But change isn’t easy because, when we move, we take ourselves along…

Eventually, Ginny and Mark face a difficult question: what does a couple do when they look at the mountains together, but can’t agree on the best path to get past them?

Award-winning author Ginny East has an MFA in creative writing from Lesley University, as well as a BA from Eckerd College. A nationally recognized dance teacher, she left her hectic dance-driven life to try her hand at country living. Lessons learned, Ginny is now an E-RYT-500 yoga teacher and Reiki master and the owner and director of Heartwood Retreat Center, a 7-acre holistic learning center in Florida with classes in yoga, writing, and sustainable living.

Connect with Ginny East at, get your copy directly from the author here, or buy it on Amazon.

Fifth is...

Authors Doyle, Dreher, and Saunders share wisdom gleaned from a combined forty-five years in the industry, including concepts that lead to an exponential improvement in business outcomes.

The key to their approach is its three-part structure:
• In the Mindset section of the book, you will be advised of practices and philosophies to help you develop a successful business.
• Next, the Metrics section will lay out the critical step-by-step analysis key to determining where you are, where you want to be, and how to construct a specific plan to get there.
• Finally, the Methods section will walk you through a number of proven strategies for marketing your real estate
business, developing your referral networks, and establishing practices that you can take to the bank.

Along the way, you’ll get stories of the authors’ own experiences, innovative ways to overcome obstacles, an assessment of the latest technology, and new ideas and simple twists to make what you’re already doing more effective. 
Brandon Doyle is a 2nd generation real estate agent with the Doyle Real Estate Team. A digital marketing pioneer, Brandon was a finalist in the Inman Innovative Realtor of the Year for his use of aerial photography and neighborhood footage, he has been featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune for his innovative real estate practices.

Nick Dreher’s diverse experience throughout over 15 years in the real estate industry has made him an industry leader and sought-after speaker and trainer. He coaches real estate agents to achieve improved and consistent sales.

Marshall Saunders is the co-founder and managing partner of SaundersDailey, an online investment marketplace, connecting investors to hyper-local real estate opportunities in select Midwest markets. Prior to founding a crowdfunding platform Marshall held the coveted distinction of co-owner and broker of the largest RE/MAX franchise in the world and is a nationally recognized industry leader in residential real estate and technology.

Learn more at, or grab your copy of the book on Amazon.

Sixth is...

Looking for a better relationship with God? Wishing you could bring his light to others? Hoping for a book filled with the most important ideas and habits we can learn from the Bible?

Driving Through Heaven is all of those thing - a comprehensive look at the Abundant Life Jesus promised us and a step-by-step guide to God’s New Testament principles and skills.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Live in Heaven on Earth
  • Hear God’s voice and deepen a loving relationship with him
  • Improve your marriage and other relationships
  • End or reduce depression, anxiety, and other troubling emotions
  • Reduce stress and improve coping with life’s challenges
  • Put it all together to live a balanced, abundant life

Each short chapter includes questions to discuss or meditate on and resources for further study. As Gardner guides seekers through the learning process, he also asks us to look at the Bible to search for our own connections, knowing that it is only through God’s words and love that we can live our best lives.

Mark Gardner, M.Min., founder of Gardner Coaching in 2005, has done counseling and personal life skills coaching for over 35 years, which included 20 years as a full- and part-time pastor; and 17 years as a Christian social worker, psychotherapist, and addictions counselor. He has worked one-on-one with over 3,000 people and taught seminars and workshops on more than 100 topics related to Christian living and life in God's church family. 

Mark is an expert disciplemaker who empowers people to experience the Abundant Life Jesus promised, and he trains pastors and churches with the skills to use Jesus' disciplemaking method to transform and grow their churches. He has a B.A. in Psychology and a Master of Ministry.  Mark and his wife have been married for 40 years, have two adult daughters, and live in Eaton, Ohio, a small town near Dayton.

Connect with Mark Gardner on, or get your copy on Amazon.

Seventh is...

In 2007, Rhett Power and Peter Gasca resigned from lucrative consulting jobs with tremendous professional freedom to start their first company together, Wild Creations.

Just a year later, the worst economic recession in a generation paralyzed the global economy. In the face of overwhelming odds, and in true entrepreneurial form, Power and Gasca were able to persevere with a great deal of creativity, common sense, and, ultimately, sheer determination.

Within two years, Wild Creations grew to be recognized by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce as the fastest-growing company in the state and by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the U.S.

Through One Million Frogs, Gasca and Power hope to provide other aspiring entrepreneurs with validation and inspiration, using the knowledge they gained in growing a highly successful business of their own in one of the most tumultuous times in a generation.

Rhett Power and Peter Gasca are the co-founders of Wild Creations, a specialty toy company. We scrapped, hustled and persevered through the great recession and were eventually recognized as the fastest growing business in South Carolina and an Inc. Magazine 500 fastest growing business in the US. Wild Creations has gone on to win over 40 national awards for its toy designs.

Both authors currently write weekly columns for and, Both authors regularly contribute to a number of other sites such as Business Insider, Huffington Post and Time.  

Learn more at, or buy your copy of One Million Frogs on Amazon.

Happy book birthdays, authors!

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