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What's new at Mill City Press this week? We've got three books making their grand entrances into the world today.

First up is...

Trey Hampton is an only child growing up in the northern state of Minnesota. He has a very strong relationship with his family and he and his father have a wonderful bond between them. At the age of ten Trey loses his father in an automobile accident, and his entire life is altered. With the change in the family dynamics, he is forced to spend the summer with his grandfather in “too hot” Ft Lauderdale. Trey is positive he will hate it, but has no choice in going. When he arrives in Ft Lauderdale, he agrees to keep in touch with his mom through emails.

Written as an eighth grade English assignment, Trey tells his “Summer Story” through the emails he sent that summer. We follow Trey as he leaves his safe, comfort zone of Minnesota to new and uncharted “waters.” As the story progresses, Wish You Were Here takes on an entirely new meaning.

Robin Engstenberg was born and raised in Edison, New Jersey where she met and married her childhood sweetheart. Being the wife of an Air Force Pilot afforded her the opportunity to live in several places and do extensive traveling. Among her travels outside the United States are Europe, China, Central America, and many islands in the Caribbean.  She attended Newark State College in Union, New Jersey, presently known as Kean University, where she majored in elementary education and speech therapy. Her resume would include owning her own business, co-editing a local monthly magazine for military wives and working as a social worker.  She list painting in oils and water colors as well as photography as her hobbies.  She is also an avid reader.

Presently living in Dover, Delaware, she is the mother of two and the grandmother of seven

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Second up is...

In Life Lens: Seeing Your Children in Color, author and celebrated Suzuki music instructor Michele Monahan Horner breaks down a child’s interior landscape into seven different colors. Far from typecasting, the foundation of the Life Lens method focuses on a respectful recognition of each individual's hardwired differences and learning how to meet others where they are most ready to learn.

Who will benefit from the Life Lens model?
  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Social Workers
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Coaches
  • Business Owners
  • YOU!

Life Lens principles apply universally across all ages, classroom groups, and with non-musicians. By using Life Lens, you will be able to home in on the most effective strategies to communicate with and help your students learn. Parents will learn how to eliminate hidden relationship stressors so that practice or homework time will be happier and more productive.

After reading Life Lens, you will never see the world in black and white again.
Michele Monahan Horner has captivated students and parents across the U.S. and beyond with her dynamic and creative approach to teaching. A Suzuki guitar teacher for 16 years, Horner has been a featured clinician at Suzuki Conferences, Workshops and Institutes both in the U.S. and abroad. She has presented her LIFE LENS workshop to Suzuki parents and teachers as well as to guidance counselors, social workers and others interested in learning best practices for communicating their information in a streamlined, easy to receive manner. Michele is featured in the book Guitar Zero: The New Musician and the Science of Learning by Gary Marcus, who describes her as "the single most gifted teacher I encountered."

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Third is...

Mato and Mirko Pavlović are children of the Sutjeska mountains, untamed highlands full of wild creatures and haunting mysteries. Their people have found their way for more than a thousand years by keeping up a traditional life, rich in fables, song, and dance. As children of the mountains, the brothers are touched by its magic, Mirko receiving dreams of a deep love of the sea and Mato given an unmatched skill of speed.

As Mato and Mirko grow and change, so too does change sweep through their village. The winters begin to feel stretched as wealth leaves the mountains, and upheaval beyond their borders led by Tito’s Communist regime threatens their way of life, causing a mountain eruption that will change the landscape forever.

As their time comes for mandatory service in Tito’s army, Mato and Mirko are forced to face battle threats of all shapes and sinister sizes. Both men learn the cost that must be paid if they ever hope to pursue dreams for themselves and the family they hold so dear.

A first generation Australian, John M. Zurak was born in Western Sydney suburb of Liverpool.

After living most of his young life south of the N.S.W’s capital, in Wollongong (or as John calls it “Pittsburgh on the beach,”) he packed a few childhood keepsakes including a vintage Tonka Truck, his cricket bat, with his B/A in Political Science and History and traded in the “Lucky Country” for the "Land of the Free" when he married a delightful American lass.

During their travels, John and Shedell have enjoyed numerous changes of scenery, most recently having (somewhat) settled in Montana, with their three children, currently aged twelve, four and the youngest a bit more than a half (seven months).

The entire family pines for the day when they might own a quiet parcel in the high hills. There, Shedell would tend chickens, sheep, some pigs and a jersey cow, which John wants to fit with a flowered straw hat, and name Mrs. Nesbit, after Buzz Lightyear’s alter-ego from Toy Story.

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Happy book birthdays, authors!

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