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What's new at Mill City Press this week? We've got four books making their grand entrances into the world today.

First up is...

In Towards Cascadia, author Ryan C. Moothart smoothly and convincingly pieces together seemingly disjointed bits of information into a cogent plan for this matchless culture and geography. Moothart's goal is to "propose a different way of understanding the Pacific Northwest and regional differentiation in upper North America." 

In one of the very few books written exclusively on the subject of Cascadia, readers are offered a comprehensive argument to consider and analyze, including the concept of bioregionalism and hot it impacts the character of a society. 

The movement towards Cascadia, Moothart tells us, is growing. This is no flash in the pan - it is a solid, fact-based vision and new philosophy for the future. 
Ryan Moothart is a graduate of Willamette University, a marketing strategist by trade, and a first-time author. While he spent much of his childhood growing up in Massachusetts and has lived in the Midwest, he was born in Portland, Oregon and moved to Seattle after completing his undergraduate studies. He married his husband, Paul, in the summer of 2013 in Seattle, which he considers home.

Learn more at, get your copy directly from the author here, or buy it on Amazon.

Second up is...

Vedanta, the oldest enlightenment tradition in the world, states that there is a clear answer to the question of who we are and a solution to the underlying feeling of insecurity that compromises our happiness. 

But this solution is not merely intellectual. Rather than an accumulation of information, it is an insight gained through direct analysis of our own experience that fundamentally alters our perception of reality and changes our experience of life.

Author Ted Schmidt invites you to journey through the process of Vedantic self-inquiry and see for yourself what it reveals regarding the essential question of who you are.

Probing and provocative, Self-Knowledge takes us to a place of deep inner inquiry and spiritual peace. The tools in this book will empower you to reclaim with full confidence and unshakeable conviction the peace and happiness that is your essential nature as whole, complete, limitless awareness.

Ted Schmidt lives in Minnesota, where he teaches high school English. After twenty-five years of practicing yoga, meditation, qigong, and shamanism, Ted studied Vedanta under the guidance of the Western sage James Swartz. Ted is an endorsed teacher on and offers teachings and seminars through his own web - site,

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Third is...

What can a middle-aged woman learn from a tryst with the college kid next door? What’s passion like with a mesmerizing fifty-something surfer who sleeps in the back of his van? How does a regular gal wind up sipping tea with the ringleader of a sex club?

Miss Matched at Midlife: Dating Episodes of a Middle-Aged Woman provides the perspective that only a book by a woman who has been on over 150 first dates can.

At age forty-eight, Rebecca Brockway’s seventeen-year marriage ended in divorce. Instead of giving up on love, she set out looking for Mr. Right. Over the course of nine years, Rebecca went on more than 150 first dates—and she also gave several romances a whirl.

Featuring a foreword by therapist, author, and relationship expert Dr. Keith Witt, Miss Matched at Midlife is full of droll insights and scenarios that are too wild to be anything but true. In these page-turning essays, Rebecca invites us to share her journey, one filled with both triumphal successes and humbling missteps.
Rebecca Brockway is an artist and writer living in Santa Barbara, California. She is the mother of four children.

Rebecca Brockway is an artist and writer living in Santa Barbara, California. She is the mother of four children. Please visit Rebecca at

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Fourth is...

“Don’t get into Mommy’s purse,” Kelly said out loud, remembering Mommy’s words.

But Kelly can’t resist—and what starts out as a quick peek soon becomes an unforgettable adventure!

Kelly Finds a Way is the beautifully illustrated story of a little girl who loves to explore Mommy’s closet, playing dress-up with the fancy clothes and high heel shoes she finds there. But she knows Mommy’s purse is off limits—until one day when she takes a look inside only to find herself tumbling down into the purse itself!

Finding herself among Mommy’s things, Kelly at first enjoys exploring this strange and exciting place. But soon, she feels she would like to return to her own world. Can Kelly find a way out—and back into Mommy’s arms?
Christal Daehnert is a psychologist and psychoanalyst, practicing in Old Towne Orange and Laguna Beach, California. Christal is also a mother and a grandmother. She has written articles for educational, psychological and psychoanalytic journals. This is her first children's book. Christal lives in Laguna Beach with her husband, James Daehnert, Ph.D., also a psychologist and psychoanalyst.

Illustrator Christen Phillips was born and raised in Santa Barbara County, California. She studied drawing and painting at Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, California, graduating with a BA in Fine Arts. Since graduation, Christen has focused on teaching art and illustrating, with the love and support of her husband and two daughters.

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Happy book birthdays, authors!

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