New Releases 8-11

Hey guys, want to know what’s new from MCP this week? Here are all the books available today. Congrats and happy book birthday to our awesome authors!

Psychiatry’s pursuit of the enterprising route as a means of survival is backfiring: psychiatry is on the brink of extinction as a medical specialty to once again become a stepchild of neurology. A pity because in spite of its pitfalls, many of which are discussed in this book, psychiatry has some good tools for the care of people with emotional problems.

Organized psychiatry lost a chance to achieve solid medical identity after WWII because its leadership refused to analyze itself, to listen to its critics, and to consider a new paradigm. Instead psychiatry sank its head into the ground to continue to rely on State support for its survival.

The possible survival or the new birth of psychiatry would need a new paradigm. A paradigm which priority and main clause would be: separation-from-the-State.

Winter Sun is John McDonough's third book of poetry, covering a broad range of topics arranged as chapters. These include: The natural world, Family, Fishing, Spiritual Musings, Governance, and Humor.

Together with his prior two books, published in 2013 and 2014, more than 300 poems willl have been published when this the third book is out.


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