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What's new at Mill City Press this week? We've got three books making their grand entrances into the world today.

First up is...

Donna Valentino’s world turned upside down on Feb. 7, 2009, when she was involved in a catastrophic ATV accident that nearly took her life and altered it forever.

At the time of her accident, Donna was a vivacious and obsessive tennis player, the proud mother of two teenagers, and struggling through a tough divorce. When she awakened from a coma in the ICU, she found herself face to face with new beginnings of all kinds, some of which she wouldn’t have chosen, but all of which she ultimately embraced.

In exploring how her accident changed her life and miraculously opened her heart, Donna reveals how, because of rather than in spite of her accident, she built a new and unexpectedly better life. Her goal throughout Heartstrong: Overcome Obstacles and Live Life to the Fullest is to encourage and empower others who find themselves in difficult circumstances to look at the possibilities each challenge presents as an opportunity to discover what path to take in next chapter of their lives.

Donna Valentino was born and raised in Queens, New York. After graduating from high school in 1979, she worked full time at various companies. She married in 1987 and had two children, Nikki and Jordan. She coached her son’s soccer team, managed both kids’ basketball teams, and stayed active in the PTA. With both children in high school, she went back to work as a director of human resources. She also played tennis on a team with good friends for seventeen years.

On February 7, 2009, while in the midst of a difficult divorce, Donna sustained a traumatic brain injury in an ATV accident. Enjoying time with her children was put on hold, and the physical activities she had once treasured became impossible. She shared the story of her accident and physical recovery in her debut book Headstrong: Surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury without Losing My Mind. Donna lives in Dallas, Texas.

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Second up is...

The Employee Experience: A Capstone Guide to Peak Performance is a book about people—celebrating people, appreciating people, letting them be heard, engaging them in meaningful ways, and leading them to greatness.

A superior employee experience is the driving force behind a thriving organization. It starts with effective leadership—putting customers second and your employees first.

In our work over the past decade, we’ve uncovered a collection of solutions that have been used over and over to achieve positive results. This book, which is as enjoyable to read as it is informative, is a means to get these solutions in your hands. Whether you are leading an organization-wide transformation, a new leader just starting out, or maybe just looking for a few tips to elevate your leadership, your team, or your results—this book is filled with real stories and real solutions that can help.
Jane McLeod, co-founder of Capstone Leadership Solutions, has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years. She has worked as a nurse in Oncology, Emergency, and Critical Care; working most of her career in various leadership roles. She leads with passion by "walking the talk" and uses humor and storytelling to enhance her servant leadership. Jane holds a Master Degree in Nursing with a certification in Healthcare Administration from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

Sue Tetzlaff, co-founder of Capstone Leadership Solutions, has served more than two decades in healthcare leadership positions. These positions included Chief Nursing Officer, Interim CEO, and Chief Operating Officer. She attacks her work with energy, positivity, passion and a belief that mediocrity can be replaced by excellence. She earned her Master Degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Minnesota and is Board Certified and a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Learn more at, buy your copy directly from the authors here, or get it on Amazon.

Third up is...

There are thousands of ways society advertises to get more “in touch” with your body. What popular culture leaves out is exploring the internal flow of energy and glide in your body’s bioelectric matrix.

This matrix that is embedded in your fascia provides a coherent integrated information highway for the body. By gaining awareness of its pulsations of information, you can increase your ease of movement along with understanding your unique place in the greater world. Such a pure and simple awareness leads to a shift away from our emotional reactions to daily life—to a full awareness of life and our multitude of connections in the world.

Author and Somatic Educator Libby Outlaw presents a groundbreaking new approach to reaching an enlightened state of self-awareness. Moving the Internal Matrix provides an easily accessible approach to body awareness through drawings, embodied explorations and current scientific research that will benefit anyone looking to improve quality of life.


Libby Outlaw a licensed Massage Therapist (#00414) and Somatic Educator, created the field of Fascial Conduction from her 40+ years of hands on experience working with the fascia and energetic dimensions of the body. Through her training in Chinese Medicine, Tui Na, Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, Bowen Method, Cranial Sacral Therapy and many other techniques, she developed the work as a way to enhance the coherent, integrative and fluid nature of the body. As a Somatic Educator, she developed a self practice and movement exploration program called Moving the Internal Matrix that embodies, enlivens and enhances the microfibril/organized water fascial matrix. Her 15 years teaching and developing curriculum at the Carolina School or Massage Therapy as well as her personal journey into the body through Authentic Movement and Continuum can be found in her dynamic teaching methods, interest in interfacing modalities and deep reverence for the consciousness of the body.

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Happy book birthdays, authors!

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