New Releases 8-18

Want to know what’s new from MCP this week? We’ve got three new books making their debut in the world today.

From Roch Tranel and Ben Pahl comes Sunny Side Up: A Guide to Cracking Open Your Retirement Nest Egg, a retirement planning guide that anyone can understand at any stage of planning. This guide aims to help individuals plan for a long and prosperous retirement.

When you are planning for retirement and eventually retire, you are faced with cracking open your nest egg. You have only one chance to get it right. This essential handbook will give you the insight and tools necessary for that success.

Certified Financial Planner®, Roch Tranel is CEO and founder of The Tranel Financial Group located in Libertyville, Illinois. Roch has been helping individuals reach clarity and confidence about their financial future since 1988.

Benjamin Pahl is a Financial Advisor and Director of Financial Institutions at The Tranel Financial Group. Passionate about helping others, Ben has an ability to assess a client’s complex situation, simplify it and help them design an actionable plan to reach their financial goals.

Visit to learn more about the book and the authors.

Up next is Patrick Bouvier Kennedy: A Brief Life That Changed the History of Newborn Care by Michael S. Ryan, RRT-NPS.

On August 9, 1963, the infant son of John and Jacqueline Kennedy, born premature at 34 weeks, died of a common lung ailment after 39 hours of life. This book tells, for the very first time, the entire story of those tense and desperate days from the viewpoint of Patrick's pediatrician and the team of doctors who tried to save him. It also chronicles the captivating history of newborn care and the way the death of the Kennedy baby, faced by his heartbroken parents with consummate courage and grace, triggered a worldwide medical response that ultimately led to major advances in newborn care that have saved the lives of millions of infants.

Michael Ryan, RRT, NPS is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and Neonatal Pediatric Specialist who specializes in respiratory care of the critically ill newborn. He has participated in the successful treatment of thousands of infants who suffer from Respiratory Distress Syndrome, the malady that caused the tragic death of Patrick Bouvier Kennedy. Michael obtained for this book the very first interviews ever given by the Kennedy baby’s gifted medical team. He lives in Venice Beach, California with his wife Judy, a psychotherapist and artist, and their three dogs.

Check out his website for more information at

Last but not least, we’d like to introduce Masterpiece by Mary E. Dombach.

An old woman, a seventy-year-old secret and a family without God collide at a family dinner. At this dinner, ninety-two-year-old Grace presents a stunning argument for creationism, but what she reveals about her tragic past rocks the family to its core.

The shocking circumstances of her sister’s death and the tragedies of war are only the prelude to an amazing miracle: Grace once challenged God. The remarkable journey that restores her faith challenges her family to re-examine theirs.

A family’s polarizing experiences separates and unites them at the same time because they are rarely spoken of again. They are kept in a Pandora’s Box and the whole family guards the key.

Mary Dombach lives in Lititz, Pennsylvania. She is a WWII history buff. She enjoys writing, movies, animals, cooking and spending time with her family and friends. Mrs. Dombach is a graduate of Penn State University. She contributes regularly to wounded warrior charities, the USO and animal humane charities. She is the author of two other books, Zeera and War of the Unknown Warriors.

Congrats authors and happy book birthday!

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