New Releases 8-30

What's new at Mill City Press this week? We've got seven books making their grand entrances into the world today.

First up is...

Within the pages of Misdiagnosed, author John Pirola provides a chronology of misdiagnoses spanning nearly twenty-five years, culminating in a final misdiagnosis, which leads to a devastating brainstem stroke.

The detailed accounts contained herein are provided to chronicle a personal journey of protracted illness in an effort to encourage the reader to become educated in their own health issues and more deeply involved with their physicians in evaluating treatment options.
John Pirola's memoir Misdiagnosed is an insightful narration of his medical plight and a reflection of his steadfast love for and faith in his family. John's struggle ended March 9, 2015. It was his intention to have this book published, in hopes that his experiences would motivate others to advocate for their own needs.

Get your copy on Amazon.

Second up is...

In 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom, authors Paula Kluth and Julie Causton will teach you all you need to know about collaboration in 30 days.

Yes, you read that right! In just 30 days, they will introduce you to the information, competencies and habits you will need to become a great co-teaching partner. The authors will help you get to know your co-teacher, understand each of your roles, improve your planning and co-planning skills, expand the structures you use to teach and support students and even celebrate your accomplishments.

Included in this remarkable book are: 
  • Tips, Ideas & Suggestions
  • Chapter Reviews & “To Do” Items
  • Worksheets to Help You Plan
  • Templates to Copy & Use
  • Teaching Practices You Will Love
  • Print & Online Resources
Take 30 days and create powerful changes in your collaborative relationship and in your classroom.

Dr. Paula Kluth is an author, educational consultant and advocate. She is a former special educator who has served as a classroom teacher and inclusion facilitator. Paula is the author or co-author of twelve books including Don't We Already Do Inclusion?: 100 Ways to Improve Inclusive Schools. You can learn more about Paula and her work by visiting, by following her on Twitter (@PaulaKluth) or by joining her on Facebook at

Dr. Julie Causton is a professor at Syracuse University, author and independent consultant. A former teacher herself, she knows firsthand the joys and challenges of co-teaching. She has authored six books designed for paraprofessionals, administrators, educators and related service providers. You can learn more about Julie and her work by visiting, by following her on Twitter (@JulieCauston) or by joining her on Facebook at

Learn more at, grab your copy directly from the authors here, or order it on Amazon.

Third up is...

Velma had lived two lives: her first as a former foster kid, and her second as an unlikely recruit into a secret order that satisfied her need for retribution. Her fifteen-year-old self had given up on hope, but after three years with the Taram, she’d found her life’s purpose.

That is, until she is surprisingly named Kachina, the fabled chosen empowered to fight the last battle for the fate of the world. Having to kill someone she loves was never part of the bargain, even if it means saving everyone else from damnation.

Building a normal life free from the pull of the Taram—seems like the only answer to her prayers. Except her best friend, the other Kachina, is coming. The legend is clear that one of them must die.

Velma will have to weigh the cost of her life against a world that’s constantly betrayed her and quite literally decide if she’ll be damned in dying, taking the whole world with her.

Sam Reed is a born and bred southern girl who grew up reading Toni Morrison, Archie Comics, Christopher Pike, Octavia Butler, Dean Koontz, and Stephen King. When she’s not thinking of what to write, she is napping or eating, going to church, wishing she could sing, watching A Different World reruns, sitting in the sun—or reading a book.


Connect with Sam Reed on, order your copy directly from the author here, or get it on Amazon.

Happy book birthdays, authors!

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