Ebook Publishing Base Plan – $299

Your publishing plan with Mill City Press is customized based on the needs of your ebook, and will always include the following services.

Online Access to PubSmart
Mill City Press created PubSmart as a productivity tool for book publishing. With this technology, you’ll be able to communicate with Mill City Press staff and track all versions of your manuscript at every stage of the publishing process.

Manuscript Cleanup and Preparation
As part of this service, we clean up your manuscript’s formatting so that it meets our guidelines. That way, your manuscript will easily move through the editing and ebook formatting stages of the publishing process.

Ebook Formatting
There’s no automatic converter here. Your ebook’s formatter will go through the file line by line to make sure everything looks perfect. Once the formatting is completed, you’ll have the opportunity to review and approve our work. You’ll receive four device-optimized ebook files:

  • MOBI for Kindle devices and apps
  • EPUB-iPad for Apple devices (e.g., the iPad and iPhone)
  • EPUB-Nook for Nook devices
  • EPUB-generic for all other ereading devices and programs

If you’re not purchasing your own block of 10 ISBNs, Mill City Press will provide two ISBNs, one for the EPUB versions and one for the MOBI format of your ebook.

100% Rights and Royalties
Most importantly, at Mill City Press, you keep 100% of your rights and royalties. You’ll receive the source files for everything we create for you, and you take home the net revenue of every book you sell.


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