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Self-publishing your book is a big deal. That’s why every indie author who works with us gets a bookstore-quality book—because you deserve the same caliber of design, editing, marketing, and distribution that big-time authors get. We make that happen with an expert publishing team.

Self-Publishing the Way It Was Meant to Be


All book royalties, rights, and files belong to you. Now. Forever. Got your own ISBN? Awesome. Use yours instead of ours.


Your book is unique, so we're flexible. Build a book publishing plan designed with your budget and publishing goals in mind.

Custom Book Design

We create your book from scratch—no templates here. Not ever. Together, we'll design a book readers can't put down!

One-On-One Help

Got questions? Our PubSmart technology makes it easy to collaborate with your team. Heck, ask us a question now if you want!

Price control

A lot goes into pricing a book. We keep book printing costs low so you can set a competitive retail price.

Sales Support

With several book distribution choices, you can customize what works for you. We've got you covered from retail to reader.

Self-Publishing a Book Is One of the Most Rewarding Things You’ll Ever Do

How do we know? Because we’ve helped thousands of authors publish, print, market, and distribute their books since 2006. Mill City Press is small enough that you’ll get to know many of us on a first-name basis, yet big enough to have an in-house team of professional book designers, editors, print experts, and marketing pros dedicated to making your self-publishing journey a great one. We look forward to the day you first hold your book, because it’s a moment you won’t forget—much like your publishing experience with us.

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