Book Interior Layout

When you come to the book interior layout stage of self-publishing, your book will begin to take shape and look like a real book, not just a Word document. This is an exciting time! It means you’re getting closer to the ultimate goal: seeing your book in the world.

Once you reach interior layout, the time for big sweeping changes is over. Focus on getting set up to print. That means your editing is done, your words are set, and you can think about how you want the inside of your book to look.

Book interior layout is more than just choosing fonts, too. You have to consider what a new chapter page should look like and what content you want in your header and footer. Where do you want your page numbers? Do you want white or cream paper? Do you want an index?

That can get overwhelming, but if you pick up a few of your favorite books and crack ‘em open, you’ll get a better understanding of what goes into an interior layout.

Here’s what some of our Mill City Press designers have done:

↑ Click a book to view.

Before your book leaves the interior layout stage and moves into printing, you’ll want someone to proofread your book for lingering mistakes. Having your book proofread doesn’t mean you can make big changes or tweak the content as much as you want, however.

Once your book had been laid out, it’s in a “read-only” kind of mode. If your proofreader finds a mistake, he or she has to pass it to the book interior designer to fix those mistakes and ensure the changes don’t negatively affect the overall layout. That means even the smallest change is a complex and time-consuming design task.

But when your interior layout is complete and there are no more changes, you’re another step closer to getting your book out into the world. Up next: printing.

How Mill City Press Helps

Mill City Press has a team of designers dedicated to making your book beautiful. If you’re not sure what kind of book interior layout you want, our designers can offer their expert opinion on what options are best for your book.