The Manuscript Diagnostic Review plays a vital role in your publishing journey. In fact, the editorial feedback you receive in this evaluation at the start of your publishing process could influence every step you take afterward!

Sound daunting? It shouldn’t. (Well, maybe a little.)

Here’s the deal: if you want your book to be successful—and who doesn’t?—a Manuscript Diagnostic Review can give you the information you need to publish the best book you can. One of our professional editors will take a look at your completed manuscript and provide you with a page of feedback, suggestions and recommendations to improve your writing, as well as a sample edit of up to 500 words.

If you want to get your book into the hands of readers, you’ll need to do more than make your book available for purchase. That’s why this review is so powerful; it tells you what you need to know to maximize the readability of your book.

This tool can help you make informed decisions along your publishing journey—from tweaking your book’s title, to writing or rewriting your back cover copy.

Curious what a Manuscript Diagnostic Review looks like? Take a look here:

How Mill City Press Helps

We have an awesome editorial team, including a former acquisitions editor for Simon and Schuster, that’ll give your manuscript the time and attention it deserves. Read more about our manuscript evaluation service.