neon sign of Instagram "like" image of heart and 0; A Writer's Guide to Crafting the Perfect Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is the first thing people see when they visit your profile, so it’s your chance to make a great first impression. To be great, your bio should be:

  • Concise
  • Informative
  • Well-crafted

It should also provide a clear idea of your brand and what you do. Aim for attention-grabbing copy that highlights the unique selling points that set you apart from others in your field.

A well-written Instagram bio can help you attract more followers, connect with your target audience, and grow your brand on the platform.

Here are seven tips on how to write an Instagram bio that showcases your writing skills and attracts potential readers.

Mill City Press’ Tips for Writing an Attention-Grabbing Instagram Bio

1. Keep it Simple and Concise

Your Instagram bio should be short and sweet. You have a limited amount of space to work with, so be precise with your words to maximize space. Focus on the most important details about yourself and your work. Avoid using long, complex sentences and instead opt for short, impactful phrases.

2. Highlight Your Writing Niche

As a writer or author, you have a specific niche that you excel in. Whether it’s romance, sci-fi, or nonfiction, make sure to highlight your niche in your Instagram bio. This quickly communicates to readers your particular genre, which may increase your chances of gaining new followers.

3. Use Keywords

We recommend using keywords that are related to your writing niche in your Instagram bio. This will help potential readers more easily find you. Relevant keywords in your bio will also increase your visibility on the platform.

4. Showcase Your Personality

Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self. Showcase your personality and voice as a writer. Take the opportunity to share your hobbies, interests, or a unique quirk of yours. Being authentic helps readers connect with you on a personal level and encourages them to follow you for more content.

5. Include a Call to Action (CTA)

Once you reel new followers in, you want to ask them to do something. So, you’ll want to add a CTA to your Instagram bio. Do you want your audience to purchase your latest book? Visit your website? Follow you on other social media platforms? Include a clear and concise call-to-action, and use the link feature, to encourage people to act.

6. Use Emojis

Emojis are a fun and creative way to add personality to your Instagram bio (and use fewer words). Relevant emojis can highlight different aspects of your writing and personality. Just make sure not to overdo it and use too many emojis—this can make your bio appear cluttered and unprofessional.

7. Regularly Update Your Bio

Finally, take time to occasionally make updates to your Instagram bio. As your writing career grows and evolves, your bio should reflect your progress and new accomplishments. This shows your followers that you are actively engaged with your audience and that your work is constantly evolving.


Use your Instagram bio as the powerful tool that it is to promote yourself and your work. Put our tips to work and create a compelling bio that showcases your writing skills and encourages potential readers to follow you for more content.