There’s little better than a good book, great weather, and summer vacation. If you need recommendations for summer reads, look no further than this post.

Death of a Messenger: A Koa Kāne Hawaiian Mystery by Robert B. McCaw

Murder mystery

Death of a Messenger may not be your typical beach read, but it’ll keep you turning the pages as you follow Detective Koa on one of the bloodiest murder case of his career. With all the markings of an ancient ritual sacrifice, Detective Koa fights to solve the mystery—navigating incompetent government workers and dishonest citizens—before the killer strikes again.

Paris to Die For by Maxine Kenneth

Historical Fiction and Espionage

Jackie O. reimagined as a CIA spy on a mission on Paris. Enough said.

A Lotus of Happiness in an Ocean of Tears by S. Priyadarsini

Historical cultural heritage

An arranged marriage seemed to set Rukmini on a path towards a “lucky life.” But after tragedy hits, she’s forced to fend for herself and her children in an unrelenting traditional society.

As She Climbed Across the Table by Jonathan Lethem

Not-Your-Typical Romance

You’ll be laughing the whole way through this boy-meets-girl-meets-void romantic tale. Physicists create a void in the universe in their lab that has likes—a pomegranate, an argyle sock; and dislikes—a paper clip, an ice ax. Philip Engstrand’s girlfriend, Physicist Alice Coombs, falls in love with the void named Lack, and Philip tries everything to win her love back.

Big Wide Calm by Rich Marcello

Coming of Age

Paige, a talented yet naive musician, sets out to record her debut album and spark change in the world. She’s offered the chance of a lifetime: Record her album with mysterious semi-famous musician John Bustin for free. However, the two of them clash more than they get along, and must work through their differences before they can release the album Paige has dreamed of her entire life.

Machu My Picchu: Searching for Sex, Love and a Soul Mate in South America by Iris Bahr


This laugh-out-loud memoir will have you commiserating with Iris Bahr over disastrous attempts at finding a relationship. Both funny and sexy, Machu My Picchu is the ultimate beach read.

Citizen Cárdenas by Steve Cole

Hispanic and Latino Fiction

Who exactly is Jesus Cárdenas? A Cuban immigrant? A refugee from Castro’s regime? A Vietnam veteran and US citizen? The Demas family searches to find the truth after their child, Jesus Cárdenas, is misidentified as the mysterious adult Jesus Cárdenas, who was mistakenly pronounced dead by U.S. Social Security.

Revenge and the Wild by Michelle Modesto


Revenge and the Wild is anything but your typical young adult book, even for a YA fantasy. The main character, Westie, is a teen with a foul-mouth and a drinking problem. With cannibals and magic in the Wild West, Revenge and the Wild is an unforgettable book that’ll keep you turning the pages.

Running Home: Big-League Wife, Small-Town Story by Alisha Perkins


As the wife of a professional baseball player, Alisha often felt like she took the backseat. After struggling with an anxiety disorder since her teen years, Alisha finds running as a way to cope with her anxieties and find purpose in life—beyond being a sports wife.

Indigo by Beverly Jenkins

Historical romance

While the underground railroad might not be a setting you typically associate with beach reads, Beverly Jenkins has masterfully turned this story into a swoon-worthy romantic tale. With the well-researched historical details shining through, Indigo will thrust you into the antebellum era of American history.

Verdure by G. Zimmerman

YA Metaphysical

Give the teen in your life a copy of Verdure. This novel focuses on the occult events happening in the town of Windridge. Join Edward and his struggle against an unknown villain looking to take over the human race.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

YA romance

If you’re a fan of young adult contemporary books, get yourself a copy of Anna and the French Kiss for your next beach read. This adorable book features real characters struggling with life, love, and impending adulthood. And Étienne St. Clair just might become your next book boyfriend.

Minerva’s Fox by Kristina Baer

Contemporary Fiction

Minerva’s Fox is a captivating story of one woman’s journey to understand herself and come to terms with her past. Join Malorie Ellsworth’s struggle to find her way. This beautifully written book is finely balanced and will be impossible to forget.