What Does a Book Editor Do?

Book editing is one of the most important parts of the publishing process. Whether you are working with a traditional publisher or self-publishing, having a book editor correct your work greatly improves the quality of your book. In this article, we will explore what editors do for traditionally published books and whether you need an

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Word Counts By Genre: How Long Should a Book Be?

If you're a writer, you know that word counts can be important. They determine whether your book fits into a specific genre, or whether it's too long or too short for a particular reading audience. In this post, we'll explore the importance of word counts by genre and give you some tips for editing your

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A Hardcore Writer’s Perspective on the Most Important Part of Self-Publishing

What’s the most important part of self-publishing? Author Bill Zahren spills the publishing secret you’ll want to hear: It’s book cover design.

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