There’s a lot going on in the self-publishing world. That’s why every Friday, we share the best of what our staff has been reading this week.

Why Writing Isn’t Enough—The Savvy Writer’s Guide to Success from Kristen Lamb

What do you really need to succeed? Kristin Lamb lets you in on a little secret.

How (and When) Are Amazon Reviews Removed? from Penny Sansevieri

If reviews for your book are getting removed (or you’re worried about it), Penny explains how and when it happens.

How to Get the Best Amazon Reviews (Legit 5-Star) from Penny Sansevieri

To follow up on Penny’s previous article, here she talks about the best way to get Amazon reviews.

Author Groups to Help You Write, Publish, and Promote Your Books from The Book Designer

If you’re looking to boost your success, author groups can really help. The Book Designer explains how.

16 Best People to Follow on Twitter in 2016 from Penny Sansevieri

Need more people to follow on Twitter? Here are some that Penny suggests. (We suggested some Twitter accounts to follow, too.)

2016 Predictions for the Self-Publishing Industry from Book Works

Book Works brought self-publishing pros together to share their predictions for self-publishing in 2016.

How to spot fake Amazon reviews from Penny Sansevieri

Worried about fake Amazon reviews? Penny shares her tips for spotting them.

How to Use Either, Neither, Or, and Nor Correctly from The Write Practice

The Write Practice gives us a crash course on how to use either, neither, or, and nor correctly.

My Top 5 Tips For Launching a Writing Career from Ryan Lanz

Ryan’s top tips will help you launch your own writing career.

How to Structure a Successful Book Signing from Penny Sansevieri

If you want to have a book signing, here’s a good starting point.

The Importance of Keywords to Ranking Your Book on Amazon from The Book Designer

You’ve heard of keywords before, but do you know why they’re important? The Book Designer explains.

5 Steps to Creating a Great Audiobook from Jane Friedman

The audiobook market is growing quickly—here’s what you need to know about creating one for your book.

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