Writing your first book is no easy endeavor. Some might even say you need a certain amount of life experience to add depth to your writing—fiction or nonfiction—but there are a lot of benefits to publishing a book before you turn 30 years old.

Here are seven reasons that support publishing your book before entering the next decade of your life:

1. Financial freedom

It’s easier to save up and spend the necessary money to professionally self-publish your book when you are at a stage in your life when you have the least amount of financial responsibilities and can make an independent choice to spend your money as you choose.

2. Resume builder

Imagine wowing the next hiring manager with the fact that you wrote and published a book. No matter your industry, tackling the process of publishing a book shows your high level of self-motivation and determination.

3. Presents opportunities

Writing a book will garner a certain level of attention for you, which could lead to opportunities to write freelance articles that position you as an expert or could also lead to speaking engagements.

4. Confidence booster

Knowing you produced an entire book from a single idea can be a huge confidence boost.

5. Makes a statement

There are very few people in the world who have a physical representation of what it looks like when they dedicate themselves to and achieve a long-term task.

6. Starts a conversation

Have you ever played the ice-breaker “Two Truths and a Lie”? A group of people has to guess which items you’re telling the truth about and which one is the lie. You’ll not only stump the entire group, but you’ll also have the ability to start a dialogue about your book at that moment—and maybe even sell a few copies.

7. Lessons learned

Writing and publishing a book is a lot of work and requires a certain level of tenacity, but the lessons you learn from the process—commitment, taking constructive criticism, and more—will ultimately propel you forward in other areas of your life, too.

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