Writer’s block is undoubtedly the demise of all authors at some point in their writing careers. Tapping into the things that tug on our heart strings is a great way to activate the emotions needed when writing. We’ve mocked up a list of five very different writing prompts to help get the creative juices flowing. Whether you need to embody a character who is feeling a particular emotion, or you need a little push into a different direction to start writing at all, one of these prompts is sure to do the trick!

Overcome Writer’s Block With These 5 Writing Prompts

  1. Excitement. Make a list of five things that have occured in your life that excite you. Once you’ve done that, choose the most impactful one, and write about. Maybe it was a marriage proposal, or something totally different, like skydiving. Spend some time identifying everything you felt leading up to and how you felt after. Write it out in detail and don’t be shy or bashful!
  2. Fear. We’ve all feared something in our lives. Many people say fear of loss is one of our biggest motivators. What do you fear more than anything else in this world? Don’t just stop at writing a word or two about it. Identify where that fear stems from, what times in your life it has occured, and whether or not it is something you may overcome. If so, how? If not, then why?
  3. Captivated. Do you remember the first time you ever saw a really incredible rainbow? Yeah, me neither. But I feel like it was probably one of those moments where we were all completely captivated by what we were seeing. A moment of completeness, where nothing else could possibly mean as much as this one, incredible experience. Scroll, flip, and browse your memories for a time when you were completely captivated by something. Acknowledge the people involved, the place you were when it happened, write out every little detail you can remember.
  4. Sorrow. There are so many things that can bring up this emotion. Loss, regret, distance from a loved one…feeling sorrow can definitely get the ocean of emotion stirring. Think back to a time when you felt incredible sorrow, and make your way back to space. For me, this place is the loss of my grandfather. I was pretty young when he passed, but growing up I was so close to him. Losing him was like losing my training wheels before I was ready. By opening myself up to the sorrow and sadness I feel without him, I also bring up all of the really incredible stuff I remember about him. His red velour couch that I spent countless summers lounging on. Rye bread, toasted to crispy perfection and then doused in fresh churned butter from the grocery up the road. And hummingbirds. Endless amounts of hummingbirds fluttered back and forth along his wooden balcony in search of more nectar. All this to say, feeling sorrow for a person or a thing can bring up a whirlwind of emotion that hopefully aids in putting a stop to writer’s block.
  5. Peace. To be at peace with something is typically the opposite of what gets people writing. What I mean for this one is a specific location that brings you peace. Hone in on a physical setting that naturally calms you. Some examples of this for me include the Ocala National Forest or the Blue Ridge mountains in North Carolina. When I am at either one of these places, I feel home. There is a sense of connection that draws me to them. Give me a pen and a piece of paper (okay fine, a laptop) and I can write for days while I’m there.

Well, there you have it, five writing prompts for overcoming writer’s block! Feel free to comment with any questions or share on social media!