Picking a domain name for your author website is one of the most important steps in the website creation process. First, you need to decide what you want identified in your domain name—your name, the title of your book, or the purpose of your book? Whichever identification you end up choosing, remember to keep it simple: that means short, easy to spell, and easy to remember.

In order to lessen possible confusion, buy five to 10 domain names (rather than only one) that contain parts of your book title or your name. Domain names tend to be under $10 when they haven’t been previously registered or have expired registrations. Recycled domain names (which you can buy via NameJet.com and Auctions.GoDaddy.com), on the other hand, are often much more expensive, costing around $100. Though it can be expensive, picking a domain name that perfectly matches your book may be worth a less-than-perfect price. However, once the prices surpass the $100 mark, you may want to reconsider and select a different domain name.

DomainTools.com allows you to search for open names. If a name is available, there will be a link to GoDaddy.com, where you can purchase it. If it is not available, you can view the owner and expiration date of the domain name in the case you would like to purchase if it expires and is not renewed.

When picking a domain name, it is ideal to choose one that ends in “.com.” Though many .com names are already taken, keep looking until you find one. If you have a .com name, it will be easier for your readers and potential buyers to find and remember you. Also, try to avoid punctuation and numbers when picking a domain name, as they can be difficult for readers to remember.

Before you’ve made your final domain name decision, check out Facebook and Twitter. Is your domain name of choice available as a handle? Having coordinated Facebook, Twitter, and website names makes branding yourself that much easier.

The most important thing to remember when picking a domain name is that you want it to be memorable. A domain name that is short, easy to remember and easy to spell makes it easier for potential readers to find your author website.