Much has been said about writing a book: the planning, structuring, the word sprints to completion, and the many rounds of editing. However, after all the thoughts have been spilled, the darlings killed, and the excess words wrung out like a rag, there is still much work to be done: now it’s time to publish.

If you’re choosing to self-publish a book, there’s no shortage of print options and self-publishing companies to choose from. Here at Mill City Press, we understand that the unspoken dreams and tangible goals of our authors vary as widely as their books do—which is exactly why, just last week, we launched a slate of publishing packages designed to fit every need.

We’d like to introduce you to the Bronze Starter Package, the Silver Essentials Package, the Gold Launch Package, and the Platinum Traditional Package. Which one should you consider? Read on!

  • Bronze Starter Package: our no-frills, no-mess solution to self-publishing. All the things you need, with none of the things you don’t. Looking to create something simple to keep in your family for years to come? Are you publishing several books at once, but want to reserve your marketing dollars for your most recent work? This package is for you.
  • Silver Essentials Package: perhaps you aren’t ready for all the bells and whistles, but would like a book that can be carried in bookstores and will be protected by a copyright. The Silver Essentials Package is just that; a compilation of self-publishing essentials that get your foot in the door of the book industry.
  • Gold Launch Package: if you’ve worked hard on your book and are serious about launching yourself as an author, this is where you start. It includes important tools for marketing, discovery, and branding like the Amazon Exposure Page, Amazon Keyword Listing, an official Goodreads Author Page, and a custom-branded Facebook Fan Page all crafted  by our marketing experts, and a Bookstore Sell Sheet that pitches your book to bookstores for you.
  • Platinum Traditional Package: this self-publishing platform is unlike any other, because it includes a service that isn’t offered by any other indie publisher. Here at Mill City Press, we offer Traditional Distribution—the same warehousing and distribution used by big-name authors and traditional publishing houses—paired with the creative freedom and increased royalty opportunities of self-publishing. Your book is printed ahead of time in large quantities and stored in a warehouse, where a distributor is responsible for fulfilling orders. We’ll also present your book, along with your detailed marketing plan, to book buyers who make the decision on which books get the opportunity to be shelved in brick-and-mortar stores.

As always, Mill City Press offers the option to build your own customized self-publishing plan, and our trusty team of Publishing Consultants can give you detailed guidance on where your self-pub dollars should be spent. These self-publishing packages are just the starting point to an experience—an experience as unique as the book you’ve written!