After ten amazing years of helping independent authors publish beautiful books, our website and publishing packages were showing their age. We weren’t quite in avocado green appliance territory, but there was a pretty thick layer of digital dust we’re happy to be shaking off. Unofficially, we’re un-packaging our publishing packages. Officially, we’re re-launching a resourceful new website with features that reflect the evolving industry and clearly communicate our unique approach to self-publishing.

Over the years, not only have we learned a ton about what authors need to get through the publishing process, but we’ve also continually updated PubSmart, our proprietary publishing software, to reflect these requirements. Our newest version allows for endless flexibility, which lets authors create a totally custom publishing plan. In case you’re not familiar with how the self-publishing industry works, this is unrivaled.

Because we’ve worked with thousands of authors, we know that not all unpublished manuscripts need the same amount of attention for each aspect of publishing: editing, book production, ebook design, cover design, printing, distribution, or marketing. There’s always a unique combination. Our variable PubSmart technology and highly informative website will give Mill City Press authors the knowledge and ability to make the exact book they have been dreaming about, while staying within their budget.

What hasn’t changed? Authors who work with us will still get the same expertly guided (some even call it fun) book-publishing experience. But rather than choosing a pre-packaged publishing plan, like say, the least or most expensive options, or going Goldilocks with the mid-range across the board, the requirements and priorities for the book will dictate the author’s plan. For example, you can choose to splurge for an amazing cover design and keep it more reasonable with the distribution and marketing.

While we may have innovative technology and an easy-to-use online system, we don’t make books with quick digital shortcuts…real people work on our books, and the results speak for themselves. Real people who are passionate about books and believe in the real opportunity available to independent authors are at the heart of Mill City Press. We’re doing this because we genuinely believe in the spirit of the independent author and their right to 100% royalties for their creative work. Over 10 years ago, our CEO self-published a book, and was utterly disappointed in the inconsistencies and lack of quality among self-publishing options, and that is how Mill City Press was born.

At the risk of being too candid, we know there are somewhat predatory companies who are more than happy to rush a templated book for inexperienced authors who don’t know what questions to ask. Our new site also includes educational tools about publishing that anyone can access. Our goal is to be advocates for independent authors. That’s why we’ve created the Author Learning Center, which includes in depth sections on everything from children’s books, sales and distribution, book marketing, and an extensive glossary that encompasses the entire publishing process, so authors can make truly informed decisions.

Mill City Press offers a rewarding publishing experience with expert guidance, where authors feel empowered and are delighted with their final products. Publishing is a dream come true for most indie authors, and we want to help build that dream exactly how they’ve imagined it. Again and again.