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On Self-Publishing

Why Your Ebook Promotion Didn’t Work (and how to fix it) from Author Marketing Experts

If you tried a promotion for your ebook, and it didn’t work, Penny Sansevieri lays out a few reasons why it might have gone wrong… and what to do about it.

Publishing Trends In 2016 with Jane Friedman from The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn sat down with Jane Friedman to discuss publishing trends for 2016. Listen in to stay ahead of the curve.

Promote a book without using social media from Build Book Buzz

Just because you don’t like social media doesn’t mean your book promotion efforts are doomed. Sandra Beckwith lists nine things you can to do promote your book, none of which involve social media.

How to Know Your Book’s Cover Needs a Redesign from Book Bub

Book covers can help make or break a book’s success. Here’s how to know if your cover needs a redesign.

How to launch your book with at least 25+ Amazon reviews from Tim Grahl

Having a bunch of Amazon reviews on your release day can help make sales. Tim Grahl shares how you can accomplish that.

Five Marketing Models for Self-Publishing Success from Publishers Weekly

Here are five ways you can promote your self-published book.

7 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Author Blog And How To Fix Them from The Creative Penn

If you have an author blog, visit The Creative Penn to make sure you’re not making one of these mistakes.

How to Be a Successful Blogger: Follow These Two Major Tips from The Write Life

Once you know you’re not making the mistakes Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn outlined, check out this post on what you need to do to be successful at blogging.

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