Everything You Need to Know about Writing Beach Reads

Beach reads are a sub-genre of fiction, and include books you might read at the beach, the lake, at a resort, or another summer vacation destination. These books are often set at the beach and are typically published in late spring to early summer. This popular sub-genre intends for readers to take them on summer

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Need 5 Ideas to Promote Your Book? We’ve Got You!

Writing and producing a book is a small part of the publishing process. Promoting and marketing the finished product is also key in ensuring you see success with your self-published book. While self-publishing has made it easier to get your work out to the world, the truth is that without devoting time and energy to

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Have Your Fiction Book Ready for Summer Release

Summer releases of fiction books see higher sales because it’s when many readers have more free time. The summer season naturally leans more toward relaxation and leisure activities. How do you make sure your fiction book is ready to be released a year from now? In this article, we’re covering what books do well with

How to Create and Maintain a Creative Life

Living creatively isn’t just for artists, writers, or musicians. We can all enhance our professional and personal lives by adding in more playful, creative moments throughout our days. The fun part is that a "creative life" means something a bit different to everyone. Here are eight of our best tips for creating and maintaining a

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Mill City Press Editorial Critique: Giving Your Manuscript an In-Depth Review

Mill City Press is excited to offer our authors multiple ways to review manuscripts published with us. While we provide a Manuscript Review—a short yet detailed work of feedback that offers authors a handful of strengths and suggested areas of improvement—there is a way to give your manuscript an even more in-depth review. For authors

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