Will my editor review my changes to the manuscript?

If you have a multiple-round edit (Basic Plus, Comprehensive, or Publish Prep), your editor will review your revisions as part of the subsequent round(s) of editing. However, after the final round of editing, you have the final say, not the editor. With a Basic Copyedit, your editor will review the manuscript only the one

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Do I get to choose my editor?

Our editorial team will assign the best editor for your manuscript based on a number of factors, including the editor’s areas of expertise and availability. All our editors have been thoroughly vetted and have years of experience working on book-length projects. We promise you’ll be in very good hands.

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What’s content editing?

If you have an editing level that includes content editing, your assigned editor will offer developmental suggestions and queries to improve the clarity, arc, and soundness of your book’s argument (in the case of nonfiction); and the characterization, dialogue, and plot development (in the case of fiction).

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What’s the difference between a copyedit and a proofread?

A copyedit takes place early in the publishing process, while your manuscript is still a Microsoft Word document. This will be your editor’s first opportunity to review the manuscript and make any necessary corrections. The proofread, a final review for any remaining glitches or inconsistencies, takes place once the manuscript has been laid out.

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Do I need Microsoft Word?

Yes—if you’ll be doing editing. While other programs have similar features, Microsoft Word is the only program that offers the full benefits of the Track Changes program used by our editorial team. If you’re going through the editing process, you’ll want to make sure you have access to Microsoft Word.

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Can I buy just a proofread?

Based on our experience working with hundreds of authors, we’ve found that performing only a proofread—a final edit once the manuscript has been laid out—results in a lengthy list of revisions, which can be costly and time-consuming to implement. For this reason, we combine our proofread service with a copyediting round to ensure the

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