One of the benefits of participating in Expanded Distribution is that your book will be presented to buyers at Barnes & Noble Small Press. Along with your book, we provide them with a copy of your marketing plan, which we have you fill out. The marketing plan is important for these buyers because in addition to deciding if your book’s subject matter is unique and your cover design is enticing, they want to see what you, as the author, are doing to promote your book. The more marketing you can set up in advance (e.g. website, launch party, and book signings), the better your chances are of being picked up.

Buyers want to see a detailed marketing plan because carrying a new book is a risk. If they receive a plan that is vague (e.g. “I plan to have signings”) or blank, they may assume the author either doesn’t have any promotion plans or just hopes to do something. When they see a plan with detailed plans (e.g. “I have a launch party scheduled at [local bookstore] on my publication date in November”) they’re more likely to consider a book for the shelves.