Where will the email sent to my website domain go?

Sometimes authors like to purchase an email address along with their website domain. For example, If you purchase our author website service and choose to use our website hosting service, your domain email will NOT be affected. You will still receive your email the same way you always have.

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Do you set up book signings for authors?

We can’t help authors set up book signings, but only because we work with authors from all over the country. It’s best to set up a signing in your local community, so either approaching local locations (e.g. bookstores, coffee shops, library) on your own or with the help of a local publicist is the

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What if I plan to get endorsements?

Great! If you’d like to include endorsements you’ll want to make sure you secure them before you start book production. Since your endorsements will either go on the cover of your book (front or back) or in its interior, you want to have them before these processes start. If you get them after your cover

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