Why is my interior taking so long?

It’ll typically take about 15 business days (or approximately three weeks) to receive your interior back from your designer. We hand format every single book, line-by-line, and because we don’t automate formatting or use templates, each interior is crafted to fit your specific book’s content and style. This takes time but ultimately creates a better,

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Why does my manuscript need formatting tags?

Some formatting transfers well from Word to InDesign. This includes type styles such as bolded and italic words, as well as indentation. Special formatting will require a formatting tag, which is a great way to communicate with your designer within your manuscript. When your designer sees a formatting tag, it tells him or her

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Why do I have to pay for additional revisions?

Each package comes with a set number of revisions. Most authors will be able to get through both cover design and interior layout within the revisions allotted, or with just a few additional minor revisions (which we’re often happy to waive). It’s especially important for your manuscript to be clean, with proper formatting tags,

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What’s a revision?

A revision is any individual change to your book’s files. This includes formatting changes, editorial revisions, and correcting errors. They should all be entered into our system, within individual revision fields, worded as clear directives for your designer.

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Why can’t I talk directly with my designer?

The design department spends most of their time designing your books—but that doesn’t mean we don’t communicate with our authors! We have two types of cover design services. One includes a 30-minute phone consultation with the designer creating your cover. The other is our standard service. Even with our standard service, your messages, sent

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What’s a bleed?

Documents are printed on larger sheets of paper, then trimmed to meet your trim size. A “bleed” is the excess printed area that’s trimmed off a full-bleed image (or, an image that takes up the entire page.) Without bleed, there could be a fine, white edge left after trimming.

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What is CMYK?

CMYK is an abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and BlacK. These are the ink colors used in 4-color printing, and differ from RGB colors, which are typically used for on-screen viewing. All documents destined for print use need to be submitted in CMYK, so that the printers can properly recognize all parts of your

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