Why aren’t my books for sale with third-party retailers after they’ve finished printing?

If you’re using print-on-demand to print your books, they will be! With POD, your books are printed as they’re ordered, so they’re always listed as “in-stock.” With Expanded Distribution, after your books are printed, they need to be transported (distributed) to the distribution warehouse, where they’ll be checked in and stocked. After that, the

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If I have expanded distribution or a direct-to-reader sales page, how will I know if I should print more books for the distributor to use so I don’t run out of books to sell?

In your PubSmart account, you can monitor the inventory levels for your book so you know when it’s time to order more. You can also have your account send you an email notification when your inventory gets to a certain level (e.g.,. 25 copies of the book).

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What are overs?

“Overs” are overrun copies of a book produced during a print run with an offset printer. In offset printing, it’s industry standard to have +/- 10% variability in the final number of books printed, compared to the number of books ordered. Since large rolls of paper are used for printing before folding, trimming, and

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What will my proof look like?

When you receive your physical proof in the mail, you may be surprised to discover that it doesn’t look like a finished book. Most of our printers create what are called “unbound proofs.” These proofs are your final opportunity to review your book for spelling errors or pages out of order before the full

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What’s the difference between digital and offset printing?

The differences between digital and offset printing are quality, quantity, and printing costs. Offset printing has a different printing method, offering higher quality ink for both color and black and white interiors. It also offers speciality features, such as spot finishes, foils, or embossing, whereas digital printing doesn’t. Offset printing costs more to set

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