Audiobook Production & Distribution

Let us give your book a voice…with a professionally recorded audiobook!

Audiobooks are a powerful tool for getting your book in the hands (or more accurately, the ears!) of thousands of readers. Your book will be recorded in a state-of-the-art sound studio, and a professional narrator will use their storytelling expertise to breathe life into the pages you’ve worked so hard on. As the author, you’ll be able to choose the tone and tenor of your recording so it complements the intent and purpose of your book. Should it be upbeat, filling the reader with hope? Or more subdued? Would you prefer a more polished or professorial reading style? Will you need a male, female, or child narrator? Choose the option that best suits your book.

Why is adding an audiobook to your author platform so advantageous? First, in no way does it limit the influence or footprint of an author’s printed bookin fact, it enhances it. Statistics show that when readers love an audiobook, 49% of them also purchase a physical copy for their library! Second, it opens the door to hundreds of thousands of readers you’d otherwise be missing from the die-hard audiobook demographic, who are voracious consumers. 

As a Mill City Press author, you’ll own 100% of the rights to your recorded content—just like your manuscript.


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