Back Cover Copy (print only) – $399

Back cover copy is one of the first interactions a potential reader will have with your book. We know how difficult it can be to write effective back cover copy—and how important it is to your book’s success. Our experienced team can craft copy for you, saving you the hassle and headache, while giving you a head start in the race toward sales.

Your expertly crafted copy doesn’t have to be limited to your back cover, either—use it as your book’s product description online, too.

The goal of your back cover is to turn a book browser into a book buyer. With a limited amount of space to tell a potential reader why your book is worth their time and money, you’ll want to make sure each word sells your book.

Here are some examples of fiction and nonfiction back cover copy drafted by our team that you can click on to view:

Fiction Back Cover Copy

Nonfiction Example


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