There’s a lot going on in the self-publishing world. That’s why every Friday, we share the best of what our staff has been reading this week.

Are you published? Going to a writers’ conference? 4 reasons you should from Rachelle Gardner

If you’ve ever wondered whether writers’ conferences are right for you, wonder no more. Rachelle Gardner explains the reasons why you should attend conferences.

Five Ways to Maximize Your Morning When You’re Not a Morning Person from DIY MFA

Struggle with the mornings? You’re not alone. These tricks will help you make the most of your morning. (Perhaps you’ll have a little extra time for marketing your book?)

5 time-tested ways to improve your Twitter Profile from Denise Wakeman

If you don’t know what to do with your Twitter profile, you’re not alone. This article outlines what you can do to increase your visibility.

5 Reasons Why You Stopped Writing Last Year from Kelsie Engen

If writing a book (or another one!) has been on your list to accomplish, Kelsie sheds some light on why you perhaps didn’t accomplish it last year… and what you can do this year to make sure it happens.

50 Things Under 50 Bucks To Promote Your Book Part 1 and Part 2 from Author Marketing Experts

Penny Sansevieri shares 50 things you can do to cheaply market your book.

How to Create Titles to Hook Your Readers from The Book Designer

Titles aren’t easy. And if you’re a nonfiction author, the title of your book can also help with keywords and visibility on Amazon. This post gives you some tools to help you craft the right title.

Is the Indie Gold Rush Over? Does it Matter?from Fiction University

You may have heard that the days of striking it rich from indie publishing is no longer true. But is it? Fiction University dives into the topic.

Problems with Multitasking from Elizabeth Spann Craig

If you’re a multitasker, you won’t want to miss this post from Elizabeth Spann Craig—you might not be getting as much done as you think.

Successful Book Marketing Using Facebook Ads with Adam Croft from The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn interviews Adam Croft and discuss what successful book marketing with Facebook ads looks like.

8 Powerful and Efficient Strategies for Marketing Your Self-Published Book from Live Write Thrive

Who doesn’t need a powerful and efficient strategy to marketing their book? Live Write Thrive provides eight. EIGHT!

3 Things You Should Be Writing About On Your Author Blog from Stand Out Books

If you’re a fiction author struggling to blog, here are three easy topics to start with.

Infrastructure and Strategies to Sell More Books from Author Marketing Experts

Want to sell more books? Penny Sansevieri is here to help with the infrastructure you’ll need to take off.

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