The wild world of self-publishing never stops. That’s why every Friday, we share the best of what our staff has been reading this week.

Useful Technology For Authors from Joanna Penn

“If you want to be a successful indie author these days, you need to get to grips with technology. Whether it’s writing, publishing or book marketing, there are lots of different tools that can make the author life easier.”

7 Fight Styles Every Author Should Know from Jenny Hansen

From brawls to cat fights, Jenny Hansen shares all her secrets to writing a powerful fight scene.

Egos in Publishing: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly from Jami Gold

All different types of egos exist in publishing. Read as Jami Gold breaks down what’s the ego-centric good, bad, and ugly.

The What, Why, and How of Author Platforms from Joel Friedlander

How will readers connect with you in cyber space? Joel Friedlander discusses a handful of ways you can develop author platforms online.

Fiction University: Creating Promotional Copy That Works: Tag Lines from Janice Hardy

Promoting your book is an essential part of your author journey. Here, Janice Hardy walks you through writing the perfect eye-catching tag line that will entice readers to pick up your book.

5 Things Your Book Description Says About You (And How You Can Improve It) from Joanna Penn and Bryan Cohen

What does your book description really say about your book? Learn how to transform your book description from forgettable to must-read with these 5 simple tips.

Happy reading!