The wild world of self-publishing never stops. That’s why every Friday, we share the best of what our staff has been reading this week.

Top 10 Items on My 2016 Book Marketing Plan from Molly Greene

Marketing is an absolute must if you want to sell books. Read these sharp tips on how to successfully up your marketing skills to (hopefully) sell more books.

How to Build an Author Business with Helen Sedwick from Joanna Penn

If you’re a prolific writer, you may as well learn how to turn your passion into a business. Listen or read the transcript from this episode of The Creative Penn podcast.

8 Ways Creative Types Can Increase Focus and Productivity from Colleen Story

It’s easy to feel like you’re not doing enough creatively, and that if you only try a little harder, you will be more productive. But sleep deprivation, diet, and avoiding downtime can seriously ding your focus. Read these tweaks you can make to your routine to live a more productive and focused life.

What Helps You BE a Writer? from Jami Gold

Besides having the right skills, what nurtures your write life? Jami explores different aspects that help us all become the writers of our dreams.

The Best Time to Start Building Your Author Platform is RIGHT NOW from Fauzia Burke

“Building your brand doesn’t have to be scary. Branding is simply sharing your stories and expertise while building trust.”

Is Book Perfection in Your Midst? from Judith Briles

Are you a perfectionist, or a master of procrastination? Judith breaks down a few myths about writing and the endless search for story perfection.

Book Descriptions: How to Create Promotional Copy That Works from Marcy Kennedy

Promotional copy is often the first point of contact between your book and potential readers. Make sure you’re doing it right with these stellar tips.

This is the Hardest Part of Self-Publishing Your Book from Linda Formichelli

One of the biggest mistakes any author can make is thinking their first draft is print-ready. Here’s how Linda dropped her ego and listened to her many editors to publish a stellar book.

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