The wild world of self-publishing never stops. That’s why every Friday, we share the best of what our staff has been reading this week.

Quiz: Is Your Book Rocking or Tanking on Amazon in 2016? from Penny Sansevieri

Find out if you’re taking all the right steps to market your book with this easy quiz.

What Level of Editing Do You Need? from Jessica West

How do you know how much editing your book needs? Follow these guidelines to make sure you’re getting the right kind of editing at the right time.

When Failure Isn’t an Option — How to Find Your Readers from Nick Stephenson

Building your own audience is essential to sustaining a career as a writer. Learn how Nick built up an email subscriber list of over 50,000 people to fuel his writing career and eventually quit his day job.

Romance Novels: Why You Need to go Beyond the Tropes from Will Van Stone Jr.

Kick the usual romance suspects to the curb and enter 2016 with a fresh take on writing modern romance.

How to Hit #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller List—Repeatedly from Garry Rodgers

Learn how to use SEO to get your book to the top of the charts.

What to Post on Social Media Plus 38 Examples from Frances Caballo

You know you have to be on social media, but sometimes coming up with what to post is tiring and time consuming. Use these examples to help rock social media.

Author despair—what to do when you feel like all is lost? via @KristenLambTX

Don’t let author despair keep you down. Kristen Lamb shares what you need to do to get beyond the slump.

Brain science: how do you imagine? by @jamigold

When you imagine a beach, what do you see? For some, they may see nothing. Jami Gold explores how our imagination affects our lives.

How to share your protagonist’s deepest feelings with readers via @beccapuglisi

The best way to get readers involved in your book is to share your characters’ deepest, darkest feelings. Writers Helping Authors breaks this process down for you.

Five types of plot twists: 1) identity, 2) awareness, 3) complexity, 4) peril, and 5) cleverness via @cyleyoung

Plot twists come in different forms, but every book needs one. Here are five different types you can work into your books.

Happy reading, writers!