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The Mill City Press team has been working with self-published authors since 2006, which has taught them a lot about the self-publishing process. This is their chance to share their knowledge with you. (Did we mention they love books?)

Mystery Outlines: A How To Guide

For most novels, writers can decide if they are a plotter (fully outline ahead of time) or a panster (wing it as they write without an outline). Mystery novels, however, get more complicated without an outline on hand. Even if you simply write notes to yourself about who the suspects will be and the actual

How to Write a Mystery

Mysteries are a popular fiction genre. They captivate readers through intriguing storylines, tons of suspense, and unexpected plot twists. But how do you actually write a mystery? To write a good mystery, you’ll need to incorporate some specific storytelling elements. First, every mystery needs a compelling protagonist with a strong motivation to solve the crime

The Power of a Writer’s Notebook

One of the most valuable tools in your arsenal is a writer's notebook. It serves as a save space for your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations, and allows you to capture the essence of your creative journey in a physical form. In this blog post, we’re exploring what a writer's notebook is, what you should add to

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How to Increase Your Productivity Using Habit-Stacking

Productivity is a crucial aspect of achieving your goals. In this post, we’ll explore some ways you can increase productivity, including habit-stacking, building new habits, and how to cut out habits we want to quit. What is Habit-Stacking? Habit-stacking is a technique that involves adding a new habit on top of one you already have.

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