What’s a software ereader?

Not everyone uses a device, like a Kindle or a Nook, to read their ebooks. You can download software to your computer that’s capable of reading ebook files, much the same way you download Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDFs on your computer. Some people opt to read on their laptops using a software

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What are MOBI and EPUB?

MOBI and EPUB refer to an ebook’s file type. Think PDF vs. DOC or JPG vs. GIF. Each ereader recognizes a different file type. Amazon’s Kindle reads MOBI files, while the iPad, Nook, and most other ereaders recognize an EPUB file. We format your ebook for both file types, so all your bases are

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What’s ebook formatting, exactly?

Ebook formatting is the process of taking the raw text of your ebook and using computer code to make everything display in a way that’s recognized by ereaders. Every formatting feature in your ebook is created using this code, which then translates to the layout seen on your ereading device. This process is similar

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Why does my PDF need to be converted?

Even though your PDF is an electronic file, the layout and style is fixed. For most books to display properly on an ereader or electronic device, they need to have a flexible, or fluid, layout. For this reason, your fixed-layout PDF needs to be converted into a fluid-layout MOBI or EPUB format.

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Why doesn’t my ebook look exactly like my print book?

Because of the way ereaders display content, your ebook will never be a mirror image of your print book. Different ereading devices allow users to personalize their reading experiences. This means that users can choose different font sizes and styles. Other factors that affect the look of your ebook include screen size and the

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What’s the difference between ebook formatting and ebook distribution?

Ebook formatting means we convert your print book files into four ebook formats (MOBI and three device-optimized EPUBs) so your ebook can be purchased and viewed on all major ebook devices. With distribution, your ebook is listed for sale through Amazon.com, iBookstore, and 120+ online retailers including Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Copia, and eBooks.com.

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Why don’t ebooks have page numbers?

Because ebooks are read on ereaders, where people can change the font, font size, line spacing, and even margins of most books, ebooks have to be specifically formatted so they adjust to whatever setting the reader wants. That means it’s impossible to have page numbers—the numbers would have to change for every person! Instead

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