The wild world of self-publishing never stops. That’s why every Friday, we share the best of what our staff has been reading this week.

Who is My Audience? Age Categories for Children’s Books from Janice Hardy

It’s important to know which age group you’re writing for as a children’s book author—especially since children’s books can sometimes mean ages from two-years-old to 18. Janice Hardy defines the age categories within children’s books and guides you through reading-level appropriateness along the way.

9 Steps to Getting Your Self-Published Books into Libraries from Amy Collins

A great nine-step guide to help you get your self-published book in libraries.

Connecting with Readers from Elizabeth S. Craig

Looking for more meaningful ways to connect with readers, other than big social media networks? Elizabeth S. Craig shares how she stays connected with fans through Goodreads, Wattpad, and more.

How to Sell More Books with Great Book Cover Design from Joanna Penn

The old saying says you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover—but we all do anyways, and it can directly affect your book sales. Learn how you can sell more books with the right cover design.

Using Kickstarter to Fund a Children’s Picture Book from Emily Grosvenor

Crowdsourcing can help you take your book from just an idea to a fully funded project. Learn how one author used Kickstarter to support publishing her children’s picture book.

Happy reading!